Oakland Physician Network Services (OPNS) Strengthens Core Values With DiSC®

Even groups who’ve worked together for ages can find new ways to communicate. 

Oakland Physician Network Services Inc. serves doctors all over Michigan, so communication is a priority. Serving as a resource for hundreds of medical offices, they’re very much on top of their game.

That means basic operations like teamwork are pretty well established, although even the most efficient organization can always use improvement. In fact, the Oakland Physician Network Services’ core values statement actually mentions teamwork!

Core Values: To demonstrate teamwork and Leadership…

-One of OPNS Inc.’s Core Values

So, teamwork is built right in with this organization. But on this warm day last August in Bloomfield Twp., MI, the OPNS was in for something different than our usual team building workshops. Something a little more advanced was on the menu. This time, it was DiSC®.

DiSC® for the Group from Oakland Physician Network Services

This was a group that has been together for a long time yet needed some assistance in communicating more effectively. The DiSC® Personality Workshop accomplished this and more.

Oakland Physician Network Services

By learning about the various personality styles and then rolling them over in their minds through various interactive exercises throughout the fun-filled day, the OPNS participants really grew. They became better listeners, better communicators, and better team players.
That’s what DiSC® training offers: the chance to improve on the most fundamental of office skills: communication. Only DiSC® goes much further than your everyday average communication skills training. It delves into the different types of personalities we all have. That helps us understand how and why people speak the way they do.

Once that understanding is achieved, people are able to communicate on a much higher level. They understand motivations better, they’re able to temper their own responses with that knowledge, and people just communicate better in the end. Works for any team, any office, and any type of group!

Recap of the OPNS “Day of DiSC®”

This was an all-day training that allowed for classroom instruction as well as a couple experiential activities to reinforce the training. In the end, the leader of the group said that it exceeded her expectations and that they would be contacting us again for some follow-up training.
Music to our ears! And of course we’re always glad to help groups become better communicators and, ultimately, better employees. Everyone benefits, even on a personal level, when communication flows more smoothly. Great job, guys!