Navigate to Success with a Compass of Presentation Hints and Tips

Looking for some presentation hints and tips? Regardless of your audience or content, following these four points on the preparation compass will send your presentation in the right direction:

Navigate to Success with a Compass of Presentation Hints and Tips  (Mobile)EAST = Exactness


Simply put, get it all and get it right. The level of detail may depend on the medium of your presentation and your audience, but content must be accurate and sufficiently comprehensive to include all key points. This is the “blood, sweat, and tears” part of the success formula. Unless you are a born librarian or researcher, ensuring completeness and accuracy is not usually the exciting part, although interesting discoveries sometimes pop up. Do your homework, even on presentations you consider less important – thoroughness can distinguish you from others and provide a stepping stone to bigger things.

WEST = Workmanship

Whatever industry standards or best practices apply to your area of expertise, your presentation must reflect your knowledge and application of them. This is what most people are referring to when they say, “I’m really good at what I do!” Show what you know. And don’t forget one of the most universal presentation hints and tips: clear, logical organization is a standard that applies to all presentations.

NORTH = Neatness

Neatness counts because of what it communicates subliminally about you: the pride you take in your work and the respect you have for your colleagues. “Neatness” refers to production values, including the quality of physical presentation – whether on paper or online. This includes use of fonts, format, color, graphics, print or copy quality, binders, etc., and their appropriateness to the content. Good cosmetics can’t hide an essentially sub-standard product, but these eye-pleasing details give an excellent presentation the visual pedestal it deserves.

SOUTH = Speed

This may be the most important of all. There’s an old expression, “You give twice if you give quickly.” However handsome, however accurate, however well-organized your presentation, a good percentage of its value is lost if it’s not delivered when it’s needed. Whether your presentation is driven by a system roll-out, a new product offering, or simply by your promise, it’s likely that someone else’s next step depends on it. It may not be your first instinct, but fight the urge to sweat nervously in silence. Always give as much advance warning as possible when you think you may not be able to make a date.

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