How to Develop Presentation Skills

Here are some quick tips to help you develop presentation skills

Are you dreading an upcoming presentation? Many of us feel anxiety when we have to speak in front of people. In fact, it can take you right back to 5th grade, when you were standing in front of all of your classmates and stammering through a book report. What an awful day that was!

But this isn’t the 5th grade anymore and your presentation skills are going to be very important. Whether it’s a business presentation at work, the keynote speech at a conference, or a job interview, you will need to be able to communicate effectively in your professional life. Read on to learn more about how to develop presentation skills.

How to Develop Presentation SkillsRecord yourself

A common area where people feel insecure in their presentation skills is in how they speak. Perhaps they speak too quickly or garble their words together. Other times, it can be challenging to understand how an idea sounds when spoken aloud.

To make sure your speech sounds absolutely airtight, you can practice recording yourself speaking and then listen to the playback to identify areas where you could improve. This is also a great method for seeing if your talk will last the allotted amount of time.

Practice in front of the mirror

Once you have your speech and intonation down, the next step is to work on your posture. Some people have a bad habit of slouching, or they go the opposite route and look stiff and uncomfortable.

You should aim for something in between, like a relaxed stance but still professional and confident. Also, try to stand in one place, since pacing can be distracting for your audience.

Use notes and other visual aids

Note cards, powerpoint notes and iPad apps are all useful in keeping you on track during your speech. That way, when you lose your place and need to scramble to say something, just look down and find the next point.

Keep it short and sweet

While you should definitely take the time to convey relevant information and make your points, remember to keep your presentation comfortably within the time limits. Who doesn’t hate it when a presenter drones on and on after the audience has clearly lost interest?

Say what you need to say, and leave time for questions.

Consider coaching

Finally, you can consider professional coaching services to help you develop presentation skills and assist you in reaching your professional goals. Classes like our Superior Presentation Skills are the perfect way to accelerate your learning, and make those skills stick!

For additional videos with tips on how to develop presentation skills, check out the Magnovo YouTube channel.