Microsoft’s RescueBuddies Help Poverty-Stricken Kids in Nearby Extended Care Program

Microsoft is a repeat customer of our RescueBuddies™ program, and truly, this is one of our favorite annual events.

Getting Down to Work with Microsoft in Stevenson, WA

MicrosoftWe could not have imagined a more beautiful setting than Skamania Lodge. The attentive staff made sure that the room was set up exactly as we needed it. This was a really energetic group. They were already charged up about some big company changes that were coming, like moving from one platform tool to another. So they were ready to work together and build on their ability to “move as a herd” to ensure that no team got left behind during this migration.

Where we would normally mix up a group so that each team was made up of folks from different departments, Microsoft’s organizers asked for something different. The 140 participants were divided into teams based on their department. This was intended to give departments a chance to work on internal team building, and practice coordinating and collaborating with other departments.

RescueBuddies™ Help More Than Kids

Teams completed challenges and activities in their quest to assemble as many RescueBuddies™ stuffed animals as they could in the allotted time. Our emphasis was on collaboration vs. competition, both individually and at the department level, and the games we played reflected those goals. Say What I Say, Air Counting, and Wordles were especially popular.

Kids Unlimited is the Real Winner

Folks had a great time, and were really motivated by the idea of helping local kids. Located in nearby Medford, OR, Kids Unlimited offers children from disadvantaged sociocultural and economic backgrounds extended day and extended year programming from the elementary through high school levels. Kids are offered learning opportunities in disciplines like art, music, science, sports. This nonprofit organization also offers activities in specialty areas like robotics, culinary arts, and gardening.

Kids Unlimited’s Michelle Hull arrived on-site as we wrapped up the RescueBuddies™ program. She was astounded at how many stuffed animals she’d have to take back to the children. For many of them, this would be the first stuffed animal of their very own that they’d ever receive. Everyone was really enthusiastic about the donation, and Ms. Hull received several rounds of applause for Kids Unlimited.

As we wound down the day, participant feedback for RescueBuddies™ was overwhelmingly positive. People felt well-prepared to face challenges together and support each other in a time of pretty significant company change.