Microsoft Energizes for the Year by Building Bicycles for Kids

There are several ways to kick off a new fiscal year. We think Microsoft does it best, as usual. 

Microsoft Energizes for the Year by Building Bicycles for Kids

What do you do when January 1 rolls around every year? You take stock of the old year, but more importantly, you ring in the new with festivities. There’s always a renewed sense of hope for an even better year ahead, which is why new year’s celebrations are so much fun.

Businesses have their own new year celebration… sort of. July 1 is often the start of a new fiscal year, and many companies approach that time of year with the same gusto and hope that the rest of us do on January 1.

Microsoft is no exception, so they hired Magnovo to help them kick off their new (fiscal) year this past June. In gearing up for the new year, they wanted their teams to feel energized and to feel interconnected as a team. All in a day’s work for us!

Team Building Can Be Energizing

When you’re with new and old co-workers in an unfamiliar environment, there’s always a buzz of excitement. If your goal is to solve puzzles and overcome fun obstacles in order to build bicycles, then it’s even more exciting!

Microsoft held their Bi-annual global team meeting in Kirkland, Washington, at the Woodmark Hotel. It was quite near their HQ, but participants were from all over the world. The environment was indeed unfamiliar to many of the people in this Microsoft group that day.

The Hotel Helped Us Make This Workshop Great

We were on hand to facilitate a Bike-A-Thon™ Charity Team Building workshop at Microsoft’s meeting, so we were also asked to keep in  mind their vision for the event, as well as their goals: a Growth Mindset was the key word for the event.

For this hands-on workshop, in order to achieve a growth mindset, we needed a proper space. One that’s too cramped or which has too many chairs and tables just will not do. That’s where the Woodmark staff came in so handy.

They helped us relocate the bicycle-building workshop outdoors, where we could really get our game on and get into the activities. She even set up a tent, by the lake, no less! There was no extra charge to Microsoft, either, so everyone was happy.

Bikes wen to the Boys & Girls Club, and after a heart-warming ceremony we called it a day (a successful day!).