Looking for Good Team Building Activities in Phoenix?

Good team building activities are those which have relevance in the real world, and which bring participants together to do or create something with real meaning.  Magnovo’s Bicycle Team Building Workshop does both.  Right now in Phoenix, that’s more true than ever…read on to see why!

Looking for Good Team Building Activities in Phoenix?The Washington Post recently published a report on bike paths around the country, and guess what?  Phoenix came out looking great for bicyclists because the bike paths in this city are heavily connected, widespread and generally very helpful to people cycling in the area.  That’s in comparison to cities like Washington, DC, where the study found that bike paths often did not connect to each other, leaving cyclists stranded and having to compete with cars on the road.

It’s good to feel proud of your city, and Magnovo likes to help keep that positive energy flowing. Our Bicycle Building Charity Workshop gives companies a chance to build on good things already happening in the community.  This is one of the many good team building activities we offer, but it also happens to be the most popular.  Groups love this workshop because it’s a chance to come together and build something good for the community.

Teams build bicycles, to be exact. Through a series of very good team building activities designed to move your group forward in the areas of communication and big picture thinking, this workshop is both fun and functional.

Bicycles are donated to a local charitable organization benefiting kids. Very often it’s the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Very often a representative and some of the kids from the organization will appear just as your team finishes up assembling the bikes, for a receiving ceremony that brings you a little closer to your community- see why good team building activities like this are so popular?

To support the good work done by Phoenix officials in helping to make this a bicycle-friendly city, why not schedule your own Arizona Bicycle Team Building Workshop?  Choose your own charitable organization or let Magnovo match you up with a local one that fits the bill.  Either way, you’re helping create positive change both in the office and in the Phoenix community.  Good team building activities like this involve fun, sharing, community connections, and real work on skills that make a difference back in the office, even after the workshop is long over.