Lockheed Martin Goes Big for their Bike-A-Thon Workshop in Orlando, FL

This was a Bike-A-Thon Charity Workshop we staged for a large team of Lockheed Martin executives in Orlando, FL. Held in the beauty and luxury of the Ritz Carlton Grand Lakes Hotel, it was a fun-filled yet very productive experience, with ample benefits for everyone involved in it. For the experienced executives from Lockheed Martin, there was an opportunity to hone their communication and other important nuanced teamwork skills, as well as a chance to grow closer together by working for something bigger than themselves. By donating 34 gorgeous new bicycles to the Heart of Florida United Way, the Lockheed Martin team was able to make a real difference in the community even as they learned teamwork skills that would not be forgotten when they got back to work.

Great Things Happen When Experience and Willingness Come Together

lockheed martinSome 200 people from Lockheed Martin were in attendance, each of them experienced professionals who already knew a thing or two about leadership, morale, and productivity. Fortunately, our facilitators had met with the Lockheed Martin brass before the event and we had a good idea of what they wanted us to help them work on and accomplish.

With such a huge group coming in, we knew that organization and efficiency would be the keys to getting things off to a good start. The professionalism of the Lockheed Martin group made this much easier, as did the hard work of the Ritz Carlton hotel staff. As a result, we were able to get started and sail through the opening activities very smoothly.

After dividing the group into teams, we got the workshop underway with activities like Air Counting, Say What I Say, and Dice Prediction. The teams performed admirably throughout all of these, with each individual putting his or her ego aside and working toward a bigger goal. Most importantly, it was clear that they were taking ownership of their roles, communicating their needs, and staying focused on the big picture.

The Heart of Florida United Way Was a Big Winner Too

This was truly a productive and gratifying workshop. As seasoned as they were coming in, the Lockheed Martin execs still managed to grow even more as the day wore on and the bikes were finally assembled. All in all, they donated 34 bicycles to the great people at the Heart of Florida United Way, an organization that does tremendous work for families throughout the Orlando area.