Leadership and Communication Skills Across the Generations [including Gen Z!]

Every generation is unique, which is why leadership and communication skills are extra important if you’re going to connect with everyone.

Leadership and Communication Skills Across the Generations

We’ve heard a lot about Millennials, who are now between the ages of 22 and 34…but what about the generation behind them, Gen Z?  If you’re truly thinking far ahead down the line, you should be considering how this generation thinks and communicates, too.  After all, they’ll be hitting the workforce in just a few short years.

Gen Z vs Millennials vs Gen X

While there’s no question that clear, precise communication speaks to every generation, a little insight on generational differences can’t hurt, either.

Gen X

Gen Xers are now in their 40s and 50s and they represent the first generation to adopt the Internet in the workplace.  Out of all the social media platforms, they love Facebook and tend to read blog articles and images while there.

Gen Y

Millennials of course are the first generation to grow up not knowing a world without the Internet. For that reason alone, leadership and communication skills that don’t somehow incorporate at least a modicum of social media and mobile aren’t going to truly reach those workers.

Gen Z

Gen Z are now just getting old enough to drink legally.  Since they’ve grown up during war and the Great Recession, their outlook is a little more anxious than Millennials.  They tend to be very hard-working and conscientious, too.

What do all these differences mean for your leadership and communication skills?

First, taking a look at the big picture, it’s important to recognize diversity.  And while gender and ethnic diversity are important, we’re talking about something different here: a diversity in communication styles.

When leaders understand that everyone has different styles of communicating, and that this affects behavior in the workplace, a door gets unlocked.  Once a leader can understand how to handle all those styles in the workplace, that door actually gets opened.

And what’s on the other side?  A workplace where everyone gets to contribute on their own terms.  A workplace where creativity is unleashed.  A workplace where productivity soars because everyone is feels appreciated.

Translating generational differences into team assets.

Extracting the best out of all your employees means fostering an environment where everyone feels encouraged to contribute.  Our workshops focus on communication across the various styles your employees have.

Want a really focused workshop that helps you communicate across the generations?  Try our DiSC® Personality Styles training.  You’ll see our leadership and communication skills jump to the next level, and all the generations on your team will thrive!