The Kellogg Company Boosts Skills Through DiSC

Assessing the Needs of the Department

A team of managers in the Nutrition Department at The Kellogg Company wanted to strengthen their presentation skills while regrouping in light of recent organizational change. Magnovo’s DiSC® workshop provided the tools for better communication among internal and external contacts. One of the managers’ main goals is to improve their own presentation skills in order to better connect with all audience members when speaking before a group, such as members of Congress.

KelloggsWe were fortunate to spend a whole day with the Kellogg Corporation team. A customized workshop ensured that we targeted each of their concerns in depth. Holding the event at a local bowling center in Portage, MI, kept the mood ‘business casual’. The workshop opened with individual assessments so that everyone could identify their DiSC® personality style. We then discussed the four primary behavior styles and the characteristics of each. We emphasized how people read, react, and respond to others.

A Full Day of Customized DiSC® Training in Portage, MI

Developed through years of research and development, DiSC® stands for Dominant, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. These are the general descriptive labels for the four main behavior types. Everyone’s behavior tends to fall within one of these areas more than the other three. By understanding better how you see the world and how you react to others, you are better prepared to react and respond in the most effective way. A firm grasp of DiSC® also allows you to read and connect with others through communication styles that are most effective for that behavior type.

Once everyone had determined which personality style applied to them, we moved on to a series of activities and games. These gave participants a chance to explore their new-found knowledge of themselves, as well as the similarities and differences among them.

How The Kellogg Company Benefited

Having recently experienced a shake-up in members due to reorganization and restructuring, the department was now a mix of new and long-term employees. DiSC® empowered them to find their groove as a unified team. Participants had the tools to improve trust and minimize the drama that surrounds miscommunication.

The Kellogg Company team really put their new knowledge and skills to the test by completing an escape room challenge after the workshop. By immediately using what they learned, they reinforced their ability to quickly adapt, connect, and communicate effectively. The Nutrition Department managers completed the workshop with a blueprint for better connections among each other and those they interact with outside the company.