The Interns at SAP Fieldglass Hit the Ground Running in Chicago, IL (#16626 B)

Teamwork and great people skills are crucial to the success of any business, even if it doesn’t deal with the buying public directly. Whether the business is a restaurant, a factory, or a law firm, a team is always more productive than a group of individuals. Although they’re a software company, this is certainly true at a company like SAP Fieldglass, where good communication, synergy, and mutual respect are important at multiple levels. That’s why we knew we could make a big difference when we took a couple dozen SAP Fieldglass interns through their Bike-A-Thon charity workshop.

SAP Field glass An Auspicious Start to a Fun and Productive Day

We staged this workshop for a group of interns in the SAP Fieldglass Home Office. After dividing the group into four teams, we started them off with customized versions of our “warm-up activities. These included Say What I Say, Air Counting, and Quick Draw. The next phase was earning the parts they’d need to assemble the bikes. The interns really started to gel during this stage, with everyone hustling to outdo one anther for a bigger cause.

The actual assembling of the bikes went smoothly as well, with each team member starting to see the value of playing a well-defined role. This was especially gratifying to everyone because it meant that these interns were learning a fantastic teamwork paradigm right at the beginning of their career.

A Great Organization like Chicago Youth Programs Makes Our Job Easier

No matter what kind of workshop we’re staging, our first obligation is to teach teamwork skills that will help our clients succeed. But with a Charity Workshop, we also get a chance to facilitate some great work in the community. Fortunately, this never presents a conflict. Done properly, a Charity Team Building Workshop benefits both the client and the organization they’ve chosen to serve. The upshot of this is that we don’t have to make a choice– the same things that help our clients help the community as well.

This was certainly the case with the SAP Fieldglass Bike-A-Thon. The interns were just great. Under the guidance of our facilitators, they used their incredible energy and enthusiasm to grow in obvious ways as the workshop progressed. By working together in friendly competition with one another, each team was able to assemble a number of bikes for Chicago Youth Programs. It’s always satisfying to us when everybody wins.