How’s Your Corporate Culture? Magnovo Can Help!

Corporate culture means a lot of things, but at the employee level, it has a lot to do with whether colleagues are willing to help each other. Sometimes their competitive nature takes hold and overshadows the positive, productive environment you’ve managed to build up, or are trying to establish.

Great Teams are Built on Sharing and Trust

Sharing of information and assisting others with skill-building is such an important part of any corporate culture. Indeed, it’s good for the entire company, not just the individuals involved. For long-term growth and success, the best possible scenario is a trusting environment where employees willingly share information and help each other out for the greater good of the team.

How's Your Corporate Culture? Magnovo Can Help!What You Can Do

A good manager tries to nurture an atmosphere of open communication, one where it’s clear that sharing of information and knowledge is appreciated. Inc. Magazine ran an article titled 5 Things Smart Managers Know About Building Teams and one of those five things was “encourage transparency.” Common sense tells us that when team members understand each other, they’re more likely to quit being so competitive and start working as a team. To quote the article directly:

“Your primary job is to help team members understand each other better.”

-Eric Holtzclaw, Inc. Magazine

If everyone agrees that understanding and assisting others is the key to productivity and an open environment benefits all, then you’re halfway there. By sharing your vision with your team, you can begin to foster this type of corporate culture.

How Magnovo Can Help

Since our team building workshops are built on the core values of better communication, sharing of ideas, and fostering an open environment where everyone participates in attaining group goals, Magnovo can certainly help. From developing communication skills to helping participants recognize the value of a diverse set of ideas and creative input, our workshops take your vision and put them into action. Our goal is always to help participants realize that working together is the road to success for everyone. Our mission is to give them the skills to make it happen.

Take, for instance, The Big Picture™ Team Building Workshop. This one in particular develops participants’ sense that every member of a team has potential. Activities are designed to show the value of having everyone participate, which is when teams really shine. In fact, this workshop teaches that when every voice is heard, only then is a team truly operating at full potential. Simply by helping team members understand and trust each other in a half-day workshop, you’re contributing to your company culture in ways that will have lasting effects throughout your organization. Now that’s a win!