Three Things to Consider Before Deciding on Your Next Team Building Event

Team building can be an activity that employees dread because they don’t think that it will make a long term change in their co-workers attitudes or behaviors. This is a challenge that many Team building companies struggle with when they offer cookie-cutter programs. I can’t recall all of the times I have had to overcome this very real challenge before people would engage in the Team building Activity. Ready to break out of the ho-hum? Consider these ideas when planning a successful Team building Event targeting many levels:

Three Things to Consider Before Deciding on Your Next Team Building EventChange in personal attitudes and work habits

This should be the number one goal when planning a Team building event. If you don’t see that it will positively affect your team, then the event is a waste of efforts and money. Sure, it can be a lot of fun to watch one of your co-workers bowl a great game or laugh at the crazy driver who puts their go-cart into the wall. But, there is no long lasting change in the behavior of any of the people participating in the activity.

Focus on the team working together as a “TEAM.”

Many team building activities turn into a competition. This doesn’t benefit most of the members of your team because most of the activities center on athletic abilities. The emphasis should never be on winning and losing, but coming together as a team to overcome whatever challenge is put before them.

Every member of the team should be included in the activity.

Too many events are designed to eliminate the weaker or slower participant. They end up spending most of their time watching others succeed and continue on in the activity while they are sent to the sidelines to watch and pretend that they care who wins the event. Team building events should be designed to keep every member of your team involved during the entire time of the event.

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