How Charity Events Spark Employee Engagement

Charity Events Sparking Employee Engagement ImageOne of the best ways for a company to get total buy-in from their employees is by hosting charity events for the less fortunate in their community.

Magnovo conducts hundreds of charitable team building events every year with corporate clients who are devoted to corporate social responsibility. In 2018 we donated 242 wheelchairs to disabled veterans; and  310 care packages to deployed military personnel. We just wanted to thank them for their service to our country.

Thanks to our partnerships with corporate clients and charitable organizations, 535 low-income kids around the country are popping wheelies around their neighborhoods on the bikes we donated. Others hitched our wagon donations to renewed hopes for a brighter future.

The hearts of 981 traumatized kids are comforted every day by our Rescue Buddies–stuffed bears, fish,  fowl, and other stuffed animals we made and donated to help these kids recover after horrific family tragedies.

Thanks to our donations,  235 kids went back to school with supplies their parents couldn’t afford.  And our pet care packages offset expenses for new pet parents.

Animal shelters, hospitals, food banks, schools, charities, and first responders—we work with organizations in every community we visit in partnership with our corporate clients.

Charity events are gifts that keep on giving

The benefits of charitable team building are innumerable and multiply exponentially. A charity event is a fantastic time for a “leadership-style” makeover.

Progressive managers recognize that charity events are golden opportunities for employee engagement because they level the playing field. How? By turning all eyes and agendas toward the needs of the poor.

No matter where they are on the food chain, everybody pulls together for the good of someone who’s not on the food chain at all. And the amazing thing is that everyone benefits—personally, professionally, socially, and morally. Charity is good business and generosity is good policy.

Charity events build goodwill

Corporate community outreach motivates Millennials more than any other generation in the American workforce. Companies that regularly host charitable teambuilding events build a reputation for integrity in their town and among their staff.

Millennial staffers, in particular, want to make a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens. And that same zeal is then applied to their work duties. Employees who are motivated to do good works also manage their time more efficiently. They value their professional roles and find it easier to see how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

Charity events shape the big picture

New sales quotas, new productivity levels, and new team building strategies. These and other professional aspirations are more readily fulfilled when good corporate citizenship is a part of the big picture.

For every technological innovation, every fresh approach, every new campaign, every additional procurement—the human element is the common denominator. Employee engagement is the glue that holds everything together or makes everything fall apart.

Consider making charitable giving the centerpiece of your teambuilding plans. Rally your staff together to donate food to a local food bank and have fun in the process. How? By combining it with a game of miniature golf. We call it the Puttin Pantry.

Work with your regional Boys and Girls Club to distribute bikes, wagons, and school supplies to needy children. Check out our Bike-a-Thons, Wagon Builders, and Mission: Kids Care workshops.

Say thank you to soldiers deployed overseas by shipping books, magazines, games, snacks, and even socks. It’ll make home feel a lot closer. Just ask past participants in our Mission: Military Care workshops.

Through our Happy Tails workshop, you can help an animal-loving family take the next step toward pet ownership. All you and your colleagues have to do is donate a “starter kit” of food bowls, leashes, beds, and toys.

Through our Hospital Helpers workshop, you can meet a hospital patient and make their day by showering them with gifts like bath gel, lotion, stationery, magazines, journals, and doctor-approved snacks.

Making life better for your neighbors will make life in your office better. Boosting someone else’s spirits will boost your company’s bottom line.