Holiday Charity and Team Building in a Pandemic

It’s beginning to look a lot like—uh, never mind. 

Office parties, festive decorations, holiday charity and team bonding in a pandemic? No doubt, this holiday season will be unlike any we’ve ever imagined. But don’t let that stop you from embracing the holiday spirit. Make your corporate gift-giving really count this year through charitable team building.  

A traditional office party may not be practical right now, but you can create some new traditions that will keep your staff safe and boost their morale at the same time.

Magnovo’s virtual team building events for charity include  icebreakers, and clever games between small groups or teams. And the grand prize is a gift you give someone else. Someone in your own community who really needs support, kindness, and a bit of financial help.

Support small businesses

There are  30 million small businesses in America and they represent 99 percent of  all businesses in America! That’s right! And millions of these “mom-and-pop” operations are fighting to stay afloat right now.  Magnovo can help you support some of your local entrepreneurs. During our holiday charity workshops,  you’ll need tools, toys, decorations, food, and  other materials to create your donations. We’ll make sure all of these items come from local vendors. 

Food for thoughtfulness

For instance, you and your team could Donate a Dinner, in fact several dinners to some of the first responders in your city. Paramedics, police officers, and health care providers—their heroism during this pandemic has become legendary across the nation.

You can say ‘thank you’ with a feast of some of their favorite foods along with greeting cards of appreciation and kindness. And by coordinating the menus with several local restaurateurs, you’ll spread holiday cheer in a tangible way.

Start the holidays on a roll

Lost jobs. Foreclosures. Overdue rents. Excessive medical bills. For many families in your area, this holiday will be pretty lean.Your company can make sure their kids don’t suffer by giving them a brand new set of wheels. During our virtual Bike-A-Thon Charitable Workshop you’ll assemble bikes for local youngsters to discover under the tree. And once again, we’ll coordinate the purchase of the bike parts and tools from a small business in your community.  

Magnovo’s virtual Wagon Builders Charitable Workshop is another opportunity to get things rolling for a needy family in your town. Purchased from local vendors, you’ll assemble and donate wagons full of gifts, and good wishes to some enthusiastic children. But, actually, these classic little red wagons aren’t just for little kids anymore. They’re great for gathering leaves, kindling, pine cones, ferrying garden supplies, and other big kid fun.

Each workshop teaches teammates how to collaborate remotely and to communicate more clearly. Collaboration and communication are at the heart of team bonding. And with the help of a social service organization like the Boys and Girls Club of America, we’ll make sure that your bikes or wagons are delivered to grateful families.

Gifts that keep on giving

During a recent survey reported by Human Resource Executive, 70 percent of workers reported experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression. Approximately 60 percent of respondents reported productivity loss of one hour a day; 32 percent reported a 2-hour loss each day.  As productivity decreases, the strain on businesses increases. It’s not just  about the bottom line any more. The emotional well-being of millions of employees is at stake.

Virtual charitable workshops are tremendously therapeutic! And despite their virtual context, they bring colleagues together in unexpected ways. A few hours of freedom from worrying about quotas, deadlines, homeschooling, health insurance, bill paying—a break from worrying about anythingis something everyone needs right now. 

Focusing on someone else’s needs is also a great way to put your own concerns into perspective. And so many people have needs to which we can each respond even if only in small ways. Kindness affirms our humanity.

Holiday charity and team bonding—the gift that keeps on giving.