“Happy Tails” Team Builder Games in Las Vegas

If you like team builder games then you’re familiar with our Happy Tails Charity Team Building Workshop, and you know it supports local pet adoptions.  Participants assemble care packages for new pet owners, thereby helping them with the up-front costs of adopting a new pet.

With more shelters opting to go “no-kill”, help for pet adoptions is now more important than ever.  Right here in Las Vegas, we’re celebrating the recent decision by the nonprofit Animal Foundation to become a no-kill shelter.  Announced last month, in June, the organization plans to be 100% no-kill by 2020.

Celebrating the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas

For your next corporate training event, you can support the Animal Foundation by selecting our Happy Tails charity workshop.  Participants work through team builder activities designed to both improve their workplace skills and bond them together, laying the path for future team building improvement.

"Happy Tails" Team Builder Games in Las VegasPlus, proceeds of the workshop go to any local pet shelter you want- in this case you could show your support for the Animal Foundation.  What better way to get involved in the community and exercise a little corporate social responsibility for your company?

Your group would assemble care packages containing essential items for pet ownership- leashes, chew toys, treats, water bowls…anything a pet owner might need, and anything to help defray the cost.  The kits would be donated to the shelter, and then given out when there’s a new adoption.  Imagine the heartfelt donation ceremony at the end of the workshop, where representatives from the shelter come to receive the kits.

Pet Shelters and Team Builder Games: How Does It All Work?

You may wonder how having your team assemble pet care packages helps team work.  That’s where our workshop designers come in: they weave important skill-building lessons into each of the team builder games, ensuring that every action has a purpose…improved communication skills, better collaboration, you name it.

In fact, you can name it: tell us what you’d like to see happen during your workshop and we’ll customize the team builder games to fit your goals.  But no matter how your custom workshop is designed, you’ll be making connections to the community and giving back while you build your skills.