Free Wheeling Group Charity Projects

bikeathon ctb

At last—winter is over! Time to spring into action with your colleagues at one of Magnovo’s group charity projects. Each of our charitable team building workshops is a marathon of freewheeling fun and team development!

Group charity projects that build healthy bodies

Biking is the ultimate aerobic exercise because it improves the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and maximizes its use of oxygen in your bloodstream. And it’s a low impact exercise that’s good for kids of all ages—from 5 to 85.

Biking can protect us from some forms of cancer [particularly breast and colon], stroke, arthritis, depression, and diabetes. It helps fight obesity, improves joint flexibility, and strengthens bones.

Our Bike-A-Thon Charity Team Building Workshop will be a terrific team building workout for you and your staff. After some rigorous leadership training, you’ll assemble bicycles for low-income children in the community. During the construction process, teammates will learn how to collaborate more efficiently. And at the end of the day, you’ll hand off a fleet of brand new bikes to a group of deserving kids.

Group charity projects that build community

wagonbuilders ctb

“Radio Flyer.” In America, these 2 words mean just 1 thing, “a little red wagon.” Created in Chicago in 1917, these toys are an iconic part of our country’s history. For more than a century they have brought fun and excitement to millions of children.

Magnovo’s Wagon Builders Charity Team Building Workshop pays tribute to these amazing toys. This workshop is the ultimate blast from the past! You and your staff will divide into teams and assemble these bright red fun-mobiles to donate to low-income children in your area.

Group charity projects like this make corporate social responsibility fun and emotionally satisfying for everyone concerned—the donors and the kids. 

Magnovo’s corporate social responsibility events are good works that are good for business.

Group charity projects that improve quality of life

You’ve probably detected a theme here: the wheel. It’s considered by some to be the greatest invention of all time and that makes sense. Why? Because since its creation in 3500 BC, the wheel and its “spinoffs” have continued to transform and improve the quality of human life.

The wheelchair is one of these transformative spinoffs. There are approximately 2.7 million wheelchair users in America today, and several hundred thousand of them are disabled veterans. These patriots are among Magnovo’s favorite charity recipients.

Patriotic group charity projects

wheelcharity ctb

Few of us know what it’s like to lay your life on the line every day in the heat of battle in a foreign land. Fewer still understand what it’s like to have your life changed forever by a military service-related injury.

Injuries that result in permanent physical disability can also result in permanent emotional and social disability. For thousands of veterans, immobility means isolation and depression. Challenging accessibility in the workplace limits their professional aspirations.  Simple errands like going to the grocers or the drugstore are complicated and exasperating.

Access to a wheelchair is a game changer. It means independence and freedom. It breaks the spell of depression and restores veterans to the fellowship of friends and family members.

Magnovo’s WheelCharity Team Building Workshop is an opportunity for you and your company to salute the disabled vets in your city by donating wheelchairs you assemble yourselves. You’ll spend an afternoon bonding with your colleagues through various team building exercises. And at the end of the day, you’ll have a collection of new wheelchairs to showcase the fruit of your labors.

What a great way to  honor these patriots and  say “Thank you for your service and your sacrifice!”