Foundation Academy Teachers Get Artsty

Every team is better when its members can see the Big Picture. This summer, teachers from Foundation Academy channeled their inner artists and explored the Big Picture in many ways.

We love all our team building workshops, but The Big Picture is always special to us because of all the creativity that goes into the work of art that each group produces. We witnessed this once again this August with a group of 20 from Foundation Academy in Trenton, New Jersey.

Teachers Creating Art Together

20 Teachers came together to create a Work Of Art that encompassed the school’s core vales. How’s that for a team building workshop outcome? Not only that but they managed to add an artistic flair to their project that only Teachers can. It was a great workshop!

Foundation Academy

They used many supplies to create a one-of-a-kind 3-dimensional piece of art that was going to be displayed proudly in front of the school. It was really for all the new students to see on their first day back to school.

Art Supplies Get Donated

Usually with all the leftover art supplies from this workshop, there’s enough for a significant donation. Sometimes the supplies go to a local kids’ foundation that holds art classes for kids in the neighborhood. Sometimes we give the supplies to the National Gallery of Art.

This time, since we were already working with teachers from a school with an art program, the unused art supplies had a logical destination: the school itself!

So, after just one Big Picture workshop, the Foundation Academy ended up with a beautiful, artistic collaboration by 20 of its teachers, plus some extra art supplies for the kids in the new year. Double Bonus!

Three-Part Benefit

Actually, we should say “triple bonus”, since the teachers also got something out of the workshop. They strengthened their comfort level with one another, learned a little more about one another in a new setting, and worked on fine-tuning their collaboration skills.

Plus, who wouldn’t benefit from the therapeutic effects of bringing out the creative self for an afternoon?

Collaboration, the Team-Maker

While many teams come to Magnovo for improving their communication skills, these teachers wanted to collaborate on something… and they did!

These teachers are already great communicators, so collaboration was an appropriate goal for them. After all, you gotta be able to communicate in order to work together and create a work of art like these teachers did. Great job, everyone!