Magnovo Team Builders Make Event Coordinators Look Good!

Nobody’s immune to stress, but it turns out event coordinators really have it bad, and our team builders can help.

When it’s you whom everyone looks to if an event doesn’t go well, that’s a heavy load to carry.  That’s why at Magnovo we do our very best to make you look great.

Magnovo Team Builders Make Event Coordinators Look Good!

Event coordinators make the 2016 list of most stressful jobs.

CareerCast recently published results of their annual “Most Stressful Jobs” survey, and it was surprising to many that event coordinator came in at number five.  Only the following jobs were deemed more stressful, in this order:

  • Enlisted Military Personnel
  • Fire Fighter
  • Airline Pilot
  • Police Officer

…and we all know those jobs are stressful- they’re putting their lives on the line!  But event coordinator…?  It’s not quite so readily apparent.

That’s because stress is defined by more factors than simply how dangerous your job is.  These factors include the following, all of which are often part of an event coordinator’s routine:

  • travel
  • deadlines
  • working in the public eye
  • competitiveness
  • interacting with customers

Let us help you with that.

If you’re tasked with booking team builders, then one thing that adds to your stress levels is when those events flop.  Reasons for a bad team building workshop can be plenty, but some of the most common complaints are that the team builders make people feel uncomfortable, they’re not in line with company culture, and participants fail to become engaged.

When team building is confused with fun and games (team gathering without any skills building), then you’re more likely to end up with complaints, flops and failures.  It’s hard to find activities that everyone enjoys…beach volleyball?  bowling?  ropes courses?  Not everyone feels the magic with those sorts of team builders.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the classic trust falls and human pyramids that have given team building such a bad name.  What are the workplace skills being targeted in those activities?  How does falling backward into your colleagues’ arms help with communication?  Sure we can all trust one another but does that mean we can communicate better?

Our team builders aren’t going to fail you.

Our team building events are fun too, but they’re rooted in serious skill-building techniques that get results no matter how tough the crowd.  Our facilitators are professional and they know what makes groups tick.  They know how to draw out even the most reticent participants (the “doubters”), the Negative Nellies, and the Disengaged Dorothys.

By challenging your team to interactive sessions that challenge them in all the right ways as they’re having fun, our team builders hit the mark every time making you look great.