Essex Property Trust’s Training Serves Community Interests, Too

They may not work together on a regular basis, but when two separate groups from Essex Property Trust came together as one, the community of the Outdoors for All Foundation felt the strength of its efforts.Essex Property Trust

Two Teams Unite for Camaraderie and Compassion

Our group of 40 participants gathered at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle on a day with temperatures reaching 100 degrees. However, the heat did nothing to dampen their spirits as they worked together to achieve two distinct goals: to become better team members and better community leaders.

Though part of the same company, the group was comprised of two distinct regions that shared little else. Participants from Essex Property Trust’s Northern California and Northwest territories worked together to strengthen their communication skills while dedicating themselves to cause greater than their company’s team building mission: building bicycles to benefit the Outdoors for All Foundation.

 Creating Hope for the Outdoors for All Foundation

After a few brief warmup icebreakers, we discussed the mission of the Outdoors for All Foundation and what their contributions mean. The Outdoors for All Foundation was created to give children and adults with disabilities the chance to experience outdoor activities regardless of their disability.

The Bike-a-Thon event allowed team members to build adaptive bicycles specifically designed for people with disabilities so that they could enjoy the same thrill of bike riding as nondisabled children and adults. It was an eye-opening discussion for many in that something as simple as riding a bicycle is a privilege denied to so many.

After talking about our core purpose for the day, the team set right to work, representing a united front for a common cause that gave each one an appreciation for the work they were performing.

Essex Property Trust Achieves a Goal Greater Than Their Own

As the event drew to a close, the team gathered together to discuss the day’s journey. Many shared what they had learned from working together, especially with others outside of their home territory. Others had been in a recent team building event with us and were eager to start preparing for the next one. Overall, it was a rewarding experience helping children and adults enjoy a common activity they may never otherwise get to experience.