Employee Engagement Activities

employee engagement activities

Employee engagement activities vary from professional development to charity team building which create stronger team bonds and breaks barriers to improve morale, and overall soft skills. Increasingly, corporate managers are embracing the wisdom of small group team building. Small teams are the key to employee engagement. 

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd when your team is big. You can just blend in, keep your head down, and pray nobody asks you to do anything. But it’s dangerous to cling to your comfort zone. Hiding out can be a professional cop out.

Small group team building can get you noticed without making you feel “singled out.” Instead of competing for [or hiding from] the attention of the big wigs, you can concentrate on getting to know your teammates.

Types of  Employee Engagement Activities

Magnovo’s charitable team building workshops are a great way for a small group of colleagues to strengthen their leadership skills while building relationships with their peers.

  • Bike-A-ThonCharity Workshops  produce new bikes for needy kids and build friendships among the coworkers who assemble them. In a small group, there’s something for everyone to do—a way for everyone to feel valued.
  • Mission: Sports Care! Charitable Workshop  you can collect and donate sports equipment for low-income children who can’t afford the uniforms, protective gear, and other athletic paraphernalia. Result: your professional team grows stronger by making it possible for a lot of boys and girls to join their favorite sports teams. One thing’s for sure: the kids will be thrilled and their parents will be relieved!
  • Mission: Kids Care Charity Workshop is one way to help reduce the financial burden for new school supplies on low-income families. Items such as pens, highlighters, notebooks, paper, calculators, and backpacks are donated. You and your team can practice your collaborative skills while packaging these supplies for some grateful kids right in your neighborhood.

These are 3 ways you can improve the quality of life for poor families in your community. And at the end of the day, you’ll be much richer personally and professionally.