DiSC and Charitable Giving

If DiSC is foundational to team building,  then charitable giving is the mortar that holds the team together. DiSC personality profile training and charitable giving—they’re the solid ground upon which teams are built in a virtual world. shutterstock 742145041 1

Through the looking-glass

Remember those distorted mirrors at the fair? Baby Boomers used to call them “funhouse mirrors” even though they were scarier than they were fun. Over time, virtual meetings can begin to feel the same way. They can create a very real—sometimes surreal—difference in the way people interact, react, communicate, and work together. That’s primarily because they aren’t together! 

New rules of re-engagement

Vocal tone, eye contact, facial tics, and hand gestures. Online, some body language may get lost in translation. So  relatability is challenged because we humans were made for face-to-face interaction—even if we don’t particularly like the face we’re interacting with.

And now orbiting cyberspace, there are lists of ‘best practices’ on how to put your best foot forward every time you open your mouth during remote meetings. Both ironic and humorous!

shutterstock 1689338029The ‘best virtual body language’  is supposed to make you look more in command, more competent, and more relatable. Training in public speaking and developing executive presence skills are usually for on-site meetings. Technology has changed the dynamics of both and the learning curve can be steep.

Maybe that’s because so much seems to be at stake. The current state of our economy is a product of the pandemic and lots of workers are concerned about keeping their jobs.  So any edge at all could be a favorable one—if it doesn’t cut them first. Adapting to a remote workplace along with homeschooling  kids has been stressful enough. Having to add one more brick to the load on their shoulders could be crushing.

Perhaps these so-called best body language practices might actually work  if  everyone had a better grasp on their individual behavioral practices. DiSC personality profile training can heighten both your level of self-awareness and understanding of how you tick naturally. It can also give you a grasp on how to make gradual changes that will improve your executive presence, your communications skills, and your leadership abilities. 

DiSC stands for Dominant, Influential, Supportive or Steadfast, and Conscientious. These 4 basic personality types in various combinations define our makeup. Learning more about them can show us how to build healthy working relationships with one another. 

DiSC and charitable giving

Once you get a better handle on the real you and how you are perceived by others, you’ll need to practice some of those self-awareness techniques. That’s where charitable giving comes in.

disc logo quadMagnovo’s charitable team building workshops involve friendly competitions between small groups to amass donations for local families. These activities are designed to kick start the team building skills taught during the training phase of the workshop; and when  the training is based on DiSC, that’s when the magic happens! 

Dominants more readily acquiesce to the leadership of Conscientious colleagues because they understand them. Influentials relate to Supportives more as people than competitors on the corporate ladder. “The food chain” and the “pecking order” are terms that provoke division and aggression—devouring the competition by pecking at them a little at a time. DiSC educates, enlightens, and inspires through understanding and unity.

Legacy building: DiSC and charitable giving

During each workshop, skills like communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution are filtered through the insights provided by DiSC personality profile training. And the difference in relationship development and team bonding is  always astounding.

Charitable giving can strengthen professional relationships and create corporate legacies in communities. Gifts of school supplies, wagons, bikes, wheelchairs, sports gear, stuffed animals, non-perishable foodstuffs, and military care packages. At Magnovo, that’s what corporate social responsibility is all about.

The opportunity to better understand colleagues and help local families at the same time. At Magnovo, that’s what DiSC and charitable giving are all about.