Developing Executive Presence in Greensboro North Carolina

When a multinational pharmaceutical company wanted to offer a workshop in Greensboro North Carolina to help their management team develop executive presence they turned to Magnovo Training Group. The key to helping this team was realizing that nearly half the group had confidence issues when it came to making presentations, so we worked on building that confidence. As presenters, when we gain confidence we are much more inclined to give a clear, concise and effective presentations.

Confidence is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat, and taking the tartar sauce with you. ~ Zig Ziglar

Developing Executive Presence in Greensboro North Carolina
During this executive presence workshop we were able to help this team by developing their typical presentations and then practicing them in front of the group. By incorporating all the skills they learned and reinforcing that learning through repetition, by the end of the workshop in a final presentation everyone did an extremely effective job at delivering their message.
The workshop included a group of 10 people who are all department heads from various disciplines including accounting, sales, operations and customer service. They are each highly skilled and experienced individuals. And they also realize that every time they open their mouth they have to be clear, concise and speak with authority.

Several managers commented that this was the most effective workshop they’ve attended because it wasn’t a bunch of information thrown at them that they had to decipher and figure out how it applied to them. Instead, in this executive presence workshop they learned foundational concepts, practiced them, and from there grew confidence. The repetition of practicing over and over in front of a small group helped them build confidence in their ability to deliver a message in a clear and concise manner.

One of the key learnings in this workshop was related to the ESL (English as Second Language) individuals. What the group realized was that during a presentation when the brain starts to panic, it races in one’s native language. This workshop included participants from both Germany and Venezuela, so their minds raced in their first language then they had to convert it to English. That concept creates one of the biggest struggles against having confidence with presentation skills.

For all presenters, once they learned to calm down, breathe, and think things through (along with a number of other tips for developing executive presence) their confidence grew and they were able to give effective presentations.

If you’re looking for that extra edge to help you develop executive presence of your own, please contact us and let us show you how we can help take your skills to the next level today!