Crowe Horwath Offers Holiday Hope for Children in Oak Brook, IL

Crowe Horwath firmly believes in investing in the future, and their latest charity team building event only furthers their efforts in creating a better tomorrow.

Crowe HorwathCrowe Horwath Makes Christmas Special for Local Kids

Christmas should be a joyous time of year, but some children in Oak Brook, IL wouldn’t have had much to look forward to without the help of Crowe Horwath employees.

A group of 100 team members came together just weeks before Christmas to host a team building activity that also served as a chance to make Christmas a little brighter for the True Value Boys and Girls Club. Though chilly and windy outside on this Chicago day in December, the inside of the DoubleTree by Hilton conference room was ablaze with warmth and holiday cheer.

The group selected the Magnovo Bike-a-Thon as their core activity, where teams engage in friendly competition to construct bicycles that would be donated to their chosen charity.

Though the teams were technically in competition with each other to complete their builds, each participant knew the real winners would be the children receiving the bicycles. They recognized their unique opportunity to make Christmas special for children who may not otherwise get a visit from Santa Claus.

Making a Difference in Oak Brook, IL

As one of the country’s leading accounting and corporate financial advisory firms, Crowe Horwath understands the importance of planning for the future. But this event helped participants realize that banking on the future includes more than audits and risk assessments.

In the end, Crowe Horwath’s success lies in its people, both inside and outside the company walls. Their charity team building event added value to their corporate community while also enriching their surrounding neighborhoods.

As the bicycle construction came to a halt, the team was surprised to learn that they would be donated on the spot. Iyala Irela from the True Value Boys and Girls Club was delighted to collect the bicycles, which would then be distributed to eager children. The team members were able to see an immediate response to their efforts and take satisfaction in knowing they played a role in making a difference in their area.