Charity Team Building Events: A Back-to-School Gift for You and Your Community

Though temperatures are high and the days are long, retail stores are already stocking the shelves with all the makings of a brand new school year. To some, it feels like summer just began. But children across the country will soon be heading back to school.

back to school eventFor many, this time of the year means a fresh start, an opportunity to learn new things, and a mission to do better than the year before.

With every new school year comes new challenges for students and teachers alike. But some of those challenges are ones that you might be surprised happen within your own community.

Nearly 70% of school-aged children in the United States receive a free or reduced lunch. And for many of these children, this is the only meal they will receive for the day. Some children struggle to acquire proper school supplies, while others may arrive to class without a coat on cold winter days.

These are just a few examples of the hardships students face, and they’re happening in your own community. If you’ve been considering a team activity for your organization, a charity team building event can provide the perfect back-to-school gift for you and your area’s school children.

What is Charity Team Building?

Good teams don’t just happen. Rather, through careful cultivation comes the trust and communication that enable your team to succeed. Team building activities can help unite your team members, allowing them to connect in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Through these activities, your team builds camaraderie that better positions them to work together to achieve your organization’s goals.

Charity team building delivers these benefits through activities that have a purpose within your community. Whether you are building bicycles for children, packing backpacks with school supplies, or racing against each other to complete a scavenger hunt, your team will

  • Develop communication skills with other team members
  • Feel comfortable expressing their opinions and ideas with others
  • Think creatively and strategically to solve problems
  • Learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses as they work together

Our charity team building events were created with your community in mind. These unique programs provide all the benefits of our team building activities while allowing you to give back to others in your area. It’s a gift that continues to give, both for your company and your community, long after your event ends.


How Charity Team Building Can Benefit Your Community

Much like school children on their first day of a new academic year, your team members might not be familiar with each other. They might have trouble expressing their ideas or not feel confident enough sharing their thoughts with the group. Personalities may clash, opinions may differ, and some team members may not work well with others. All of these actions can have a detrimental effect on the accomplishments of your team if they aren’t resolved.

Each charity team building event serves two purposes:

As a charitable event, your team has the added benefit of providing a service to your community. You can choose from a variety of charitable activities, from helping children and their families to providing support to overseas soldiers. Just one day can make a positive impact in the lives of those you help, and you can feel good doing it, too.

As a group activity, your organization gains a team that can function together to serve your company’s best interests. Through hands-on activities that engage each member of your group, your team will benefit from clearer communication and stronger working relationships that can make them feel more comfortable in their role on a team.

Building a team through community leadership presents your organization as one that’s invested in the leaders of the future. It demonstrates your commitment to giving back to others in need. And it provides a fun, engaging activity that every team member who participates can feel good about.

Wrap Up

While schools strive to provide an equal education and experience to every child, a child’s home life and other outside factors equally contribute to each student’s chance of success in the classroom. Children who wonder when they will receive their next meal or can’t complete their homework because they lack the supplies simply aren’t able to achieve their educational goals as easily as others. A back-to-school charity team building event can give the children in your community fresh hope for a better school year and encourage them to put their best foot forward from Day 1.

While going back to school can prove more difficult for some children, it’s important to note that these challenges continue throughout the school year. Consider including charity team building activities in your calendar throughout the year.  Together, we can build future leaders from within your team and inspire future leaders from within your community.