Corporate Giving: A New Frontier At Common Grounds Workplace

common grounds

common ground logoA quiet revolution is changing the business world thanks to Common Grounds Workplace. And corporate giving is built into the business model.  Common Grounds Workplace is a powerhouse of fresh ideas. One of their best ideas was inviting Magnovo to conduct the company’s first charity team building workshop. What an honor!!

Corporate America in the new millennial

Gone are the stuffy, stodgy, stagnant cubicles of yesterday’s office spaces. Common Grounds Workplace is turning the corporate American office on its head! The new normal is known as workplace-on-demand, and Common Grounds Workplace is the gold standard.

Common Grounds Workplace geniuses have created synergy and harmony through environmental design and this stimulates creativity, innovation, and productivity. Their clients cover the entire entrepreneurial spectrum from startups to Fortune 500 industry titans.

It’s an entrepreneurial hybrid:

  • Incubator space for clients who just want to rent a desk or book a conference room via the Common Grounds app—what else.
  • Permanent digs for well-established firms who want openness and collaborative fluidity.  

Also gone are the costs of construction, infrastructure maintenance, lighting, IT, furniture,  and personnel like reception, mail,  and housekeeping. Operational costs are minimized through this shared space arrangement.

And thanks to Common Grounds’ support team and customer service, the environment is open but serene and distraction-free. Oh, and did we mention the kombucha? Yep! Organic goodies all on-site. Along with a barbeque zone, lawn games, and community bikes. The ultimate answer to work-life-balance.  A Millennial’s idea of professional paradise.

Corporate giving on a mission

Gone, too, is the old checkbook charity—generous, but detached from those in need. Today, corporate giving is about corporate social responsibility to the community. Common Grounds Workplace wants to raise the bar here, too.

We led 16 of their brightest and best through a rigorous leadership training session that culminated in their building 4 new bikes. Our Bike-A-Thon Charity Workshops are models of efficiency: practical application of basic team building techniques, paying it forward to the community, and FUN! That’s right: fun is fundamental to all of our workshops!

And these Millennials savored every minute of the collaboration, the bike assembly, and the professional development activities. But the highlight of the whole day was the arrival of 4 members of the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego.

The bikes were their rewards for good grades, upstanding behavior, and good attendance and they were giddy with excitement when they saw their new wheels.

Happily, the Common Grounds staffers were equally thrilled about the fruits of their labors—the smiles and squeals of delight were the best rewards ever.