Charitable Bike Building Builds Charitable Teams

Want to build a strong team? Spend a day together building bikes to give away. That’s right! You build them and you give them.  See for yourself that charitable bike building builds charitable teams.

Bike benefits

Picture this: there are 100,000,000 bikes rolling across America on any given day. From conservation-minded commuters to  wheelie-popping teens, these avid cyclists spend 81 billion bucks on their favorite sport every year.

And, not surprisingly, this turns out to be a pretty good investment.  After all, the benefits of biking are pretty phenomenal! Your muscles can get a really good workout, and because biking is a low impact exercise, you’re at less risk of strains and injuries.

You can also increase your physical stamina, lose weight, and improve your heart health. Biking can also boost your psychological health and decrease stress.

Charity benefits

And charitable bike building has other tremendous benefits as well. First of all, emotionally, psychologically, and financially, generosity is simply good medicine. It makes everyone—the givers and the receivers—feel better about themselves. It can even help to restore everybody’s faith in their fellow man, which is pretty needful these days.

Giving to others takes your eyes off of yourself so that you can focus on others who need support and care. This can put your own problems into perspective so that they seem smaller, less urgent, and more manageable.

Multigenerational benefits

The great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi is often credited with this famous exhortation: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Charitable giving is a hands-on way to make some of the changes in your own community that you believe in.

And this is particularly important among younger staffers, especially Millennials and GenZs, for whom corporate social responsibility is a core value and a grand passion. Their most fervent motivation is to be good corporate citizens. In other words, they want to make their work lives matter to the wider world. Making life better for others makes life more meaningful for them.

And charitable workshops like our Bike-A-Thon are just the kind of glue that can create unbreakable bonds between co-workers. Whether it’s age, gender, or culture—no matter how wide the gaps, charitable events create bridges to bring people together.

Benefits of fun

By the way: Magnovo’s Bike-A-Thon workshops are FUN and this isn’t an accident.

Fun is fuel. When people enjoy what they’re doing, they learn more, communicate more clearly, and goals are achieved more easily.

The ultimate goal of our bike building workshop is to assemble bikes for local children whose parents can’t afford such a luxury. So we partner with social service organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of America to coordinate these donations.

But the first goal of our workshops is team building and the primary ingredient is fun!

Staffers divide into small groups and engage in friendly competition to win the tools and parts to assemble their bikes. The fastest team wins the day, but everyone celebrates because everyone feels like a champion.

Company benefits

And there are no big Is or little Yous on any team. Titles and pecking orders are suspended so the playing field is level and the fun flows freely. And the result is often friendships between colleagues who were once polite strangers.  More importantly, these relationships based on camaraderie help to shape healthy corporate cultures.

Magnovo’s charitable team building workshops can build teams, professional relationships, and community goodwill. Charitable bike building builds charitable teams. Let’s roll.