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How Charity Events Spark Employee Engagement

Charity Events Sparking Employee Engagement ImageOne of the best ways for a company to get total buy-in from their employees is by hosting charity events for the less fortunate in their community.

Magnovo conducts hundreds of charitable team building events every year with corporate clients who are devoted to corporate social responsibility. In 2018 we donated 242 wheelchairs to disabled veterans; and  310 care packages to deployed military personnel. We just wanted to thank them for their service to our country.

Thanks to our partnerships with corporate clients and charitable organizations, 535 low-income kids around the country are popping wheelies around their neighborhoods on the bikes we donated. Others hitched our wagon donations to renewed hopes for a brighter future.

The hearts of 981 traumatized kids are comforted every day by our Rescue Buddies–stuffed bears, fish,  fowl, and other stuffed animals we made and donated to help these kids recover after horrific family tragedies.

Thanks to our donations,  235 kids went back to school with supplies their parents couldn’t afford.  And our pet care packages offset expenses for new pet parents.

Animal shelters, hospitals, food banks, schools, charities, and first responders—we work with organizations in every community we visit in partnership with our corporate clients.

Charity events are gifts that keep on giving

The benefits of charitable team building are innumerable and multiply exponentially. A charity event is a fantastic time for a “leadership-style” makeover.

Progressive managers recognize that charity events are golden opportunities for employee engagement because they level the playing field. How? By turning all eyes and agendas toward the needs of the poor.

No matter where they are on the food chain, everybody pulls together for the good of someone who’s not on the food chain at all. And the amazing thing is that everyone benefits—personally, professionally, socially, and morally. Charity is good business and generosity is good policy.

Charity events build goodwill

Corporate community outreach motivates Millennials more than any other generation in the American workforce. Companies that regularly host charitable teambuilding events build a reputation for integrity in their town and among their staff.

Millennial staffers, in particular, want to make a difference in the lives of their fellow citizens. And that same zeal is then applied to their work duties. Employees who are motivated to do good works also manage their time more efficiently. They value their professional roles and find it easier to see how they fit into the grand scheme of things.

Charity events shape the big picture

New sales quotas, new productivity levels, and new team building strategies. These and other professional aspirations are more readily fulfilled when good corporate citizenship is a part of the big picture.

For every technological innovation, every fresh approach, every new campaign, every additional procurement—the human element is the common denominator. Employee engagement is the glue that holds everything together or makes everything fall apart.

Consider making charitable giving the centerpiece of your teambuilding plans. Rally your staff together to donate food to a local food bank and have fun in the process. How? By combining it with a game of miniature golf. We call it the Puttin Pantry.

Work with your regional Boys and Girls Club to distribute bikes, wagons, and school supplies to needy children. Check out our Bike-a-Thons, Wagon Builders, and Mission: Kids Care workshops.

Say thank you to soldiers deployed overseas by shipping books, magazines, games, snacks, and even socks. It’ll make home feel a lot closer. Just ask past participants in our Mission: Military Care workshops.

Through our Happy Tails workshop, you can help an animal-loving family take the next step toward pet ownership. All you and your colleagues have to do is donate a “starter kit” of food bowls, leashes, beds, and toys.

Through our Hospital Helpers workshop, you can meet a hospital patient and make their day by showering them with gifts like bath gel, lotion, stationery, magazines, journals, and doctor-approved snacks.

Making life better for your neighbors will make life in your office better. Boosting someone else’s spirits will boost your company’s bottom line.  

Workplace Communication at Micronutrients

At Micronutrients, better workplace communication and team building are built on DiSC personality styles training. And it works.

Small beginning, big impact

Micronutrients started out in 1992 as a research project. In no time at all, they took the agribusiness industry by storm with the development of a revolutionary product called hydroxy trace minerals.

Sold under the brand name Intellibond, their hydroxy trace minerals are like a high tech superfood for cows, pigs, and chickens.  Micronutrients’ trace mineral specialists are pioneers who’ve developed a nutritional system that makes mineral absorption more efficient and the feed itself is more stable and much safer.

Micronutrients’ Intellibond products include a patented combination of zinc, copper, amino acid complexes, and other minerals. This agricultural breakthrough maximizes the nutritional value of feed for livestock which improves animal health and productivity.

Now a subsidiary of  Nutreco, Micronutrients’ global impact has revolutionized the beef, pork, and poultry industries. They’ve dramatically improved the quality of meats, minimized costs to ranchers, and maximize environmental sustainability.

The challenges of workplace communication

No doubt you’ve noticed that getting everyone on the same page with the same focus can be difficult. Even a well-chosen team of top professionals can experience communication barriers.

If you want to know how to communicate, you need to know who you’re communicating with. Their personalities, values, and mindsets. Insight and understanding are key to workplace communication and team building with DiSC personality training is the first step.

DiSC identifies 4 personality styles: Dominant, Influential, Steadiness, Conscientiousness. Most of us are a combination of 3 of these styles.

DiSC personality style training can open your eyes to:

  • Who your team members are as people and professionals;
  • Why they think the way they do;
  • Why they act they way they do;
  • How to guide them to a greater level of self-awareness; and
  • How to motivate them to become their best selves professionally and personally.

When workplace communication works, everything else falls into place–deadlines, productivity, quotas, and profits.

DiSC personality training results in constructive, positive dialogue—open minds can open doors and as well as hearts.  And open communication is the ecosystem of a healthy office.

Feedback from the Micronutrients managers was glowing. One executive said, “… that it was the best training his people have ever been through. It kept them engaged and alert. The whole group was very attentive and participated very well.”

Forgive the pun, but the Micronutrients staffers really ate it up!



Why Are Soft Skills Important To Your Sales Team?

why are soft skills important graphic

Why are soft skills important? Soft skills are important because they are the building blocks of every relationship with your colleagues and with your most valued customers.

Communications—verbal and non-verbal—sensitivity, tolerance, patience, teamwork, adaptability, listening, and time management. These soft skills come naturally to some of us. But there’s always room for improvement. And DiSC personality training is one of the best tools for soft skills development.

How DiSC boosts soft skills development?

Let’s face it, relationships take work! Fortunately, that workload is easier to bear when you understand who you’re dealing with! Not just their name, title, or rank on the food chain. DiSC identifies who they are based on their personality.

DiSC stands for “Dominance,” “Influential,” Steadfastness,” and “Conscientiousness.” These are personality styles that can help you understand what makes them tick.

Each DiSC personality type is a key to what motivates people. For example, I-styles are usually extroverts. They love being “in the mix” and setting the tone. “Quiet reserve”—that’s how lots of  S-styles are described. As you begin to understand each personality style, you’ll learn the soft skills that work best with that colleague.

And your team building goals can be based on your understanding of the personalities on your team. Obviously, none of us is 100 percent 1-personality style. According to a recent study, most of us are a combination of 3.

Why are soft skills important to your sales team?

Soft skills can help you make some hard decisions. How? By dictating your approach to everyone involved in those decisions. And by helping you communicate with them in a positive and constructive way.

These skills are based on your EQ, or emotional intelligence, more than your IQ. Your ability to empathize will help you communicate more earnestly and supportively. Patience and tolerance are also soft skills that can shape your leadership style. 

Anyone can use fear and intimidation to motivate subordinates. But more enlightened leaders know that modeling the kind of humane treatment they’d want for themselves. It’s a far more successful way to inspire a sales team to ramp up their level of production. And enlightened leadership requires a deeper understanding of each team member’s personality.

Why are soft skills important to your customers?

Old school hard sales tactics don’t work anymore. Today, both new business and repeat customers are based on relationships. And relational sales thrive on interaction.

Customers expect special attention, treatment, and consideration. They don’t just want customer service. They want personalized customer care

Teamwork and adaptability are soft skills that make it easier to customize responses to even the most high maintenance customers.

As your DiSC personality training progresses, your own soft skills will improve. You’ll develop a keener sense of which members of your sales team will work best with certain customers.

How do you combine DiSC and soft skills development?

Partnering a D-style sales rep with one who’s an S-style may be a winning combination for a special customer. Of course, the first thing you’ll need to do is to scrutinize their personality profiles to make sure that these 2 teammates are as compatible with each other as with that special customer.

D-styles are often fearless and absolutely love a challenge—as long as they are in charge. An S-style may focus so intently on getting all the facts right, that they make decisions too slowly for the D-style partner. But because they do such meticulous research, an S-style’s presentation is usually stellar.

As their leader, you may need to use soft skills like diplomacy and positive reinforcement to forge a strong partnership between the 2. Communicating directives and clearly delineating areas of responsibility will help everyone involved know what is expected of them—individually and as a team.

You may also need to meet with the D-style privately to make sure he or she understands how much their strengths are valued and to help them recognize weaknesses in their interpersonal skills.

The whole point of developing soft skills based on personality training is that as a manager, employees trust you as their advocate and not their adversary.

Knowing that you’re willing to work with them to become better at what they do will motivate them tremendously.



Corporate Team Building at Facebook

To most of us, Facebook is the perfect model of teamwork. But the Facebook family doesn’t rest on its laurels. They strive to improve their corporate team building skills every day!

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

At the tender age of 15, the Facebook company can honestly declare “mission accomplished!” Actually, uber-wunderkind Mark Zuckerburg was only 19 when he had an idea that would transform the whole planet.  

Facebook is a social media and networking service whose global social, political, economic impact are simply immeasurable. Based in Palo Alto California, Facebook has an international staff of 33606 employees.

Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus are all Facebook products. The company has a staggering 2.2 billion users and total assets worth 84 billion.

Corporate team building on an epic scale

No doubt, one of the keys to the company’s incredible success is that they don’t take their success for granted! They constantly look for ways to improve their services, refine their product line, and strengthen their interpersonal skills.

Facebook is one of our best customers. And we look forward to each encounter because we learn as much as we teach! Of course, that’s as it should be, because, like Facebook, our Magnovo facilitators are always looking for ways to improve.

Our latest foray into the universe that is Facebook, brought us to Menlo Park. There we worked with 40 enthusiastic Facebook staffers hosting a Rescue Buddies workshop, which is one of our most impactful events. Divide into 6 teams they assembled 40 huggable stuffed toys to give to traumatized kids in their community.

Rescue Buddies do just that: they provide emotional rescue and support to children who’ve just experienced a family tragedy. First responders keep them on hand to give to kids at the site of an accident, house fire, or other life-changing events.  

Over the course of the afternoon,  we challenged each workshop participant to collaborate and communicate more effectively.  Their teamwork assured that the toys were ready on time.

Corporate team building with a heart

This batch of Rescue Buddies was donated to the Ecumenical Hunger ProgramIt was established in 1975 by a group of women called Church Women United. Their mission was and remains a simple and profound one: “We look after each other’s welfare. We uplift those who are down. We express confidence in those who are disheartened….”

They welcomed our donations with open arms; and with open hearts, we thanked them for the opportunity to serve their community.


Team Building Games at Communication Company

Team building games are serious business at the Communication Company. Our recent Bike-A-Thon challenged and taught us all a lot of important lessons.

Team building games mean communication

The Communication Company is aptly named. They are leaders in the communications technology industry. Created in 1976, the Communication Company designs, installs, and services communications systems. Their clients include hospitals, sports arenas, theaters, and universities.

For the fire safety industry, the company creates emergency alarm system technology for burglaries, fires, gas and water leaks, and medical emergencies.

They also design and engineer communications systems for government agencies, as well as healthcare and education institutions, and commercial enterprises.

A stellar reputation for team building games

The Communication Company president was familiar with our work, having participated in another charitable team building workshop. In fact, he was so impressed, he requested us personally for this team building event.

Forgive me for bragging, but Magnovo’s reputation is well-deserved because we get results. We drill down into the priorities of each client and identify solutions to each challenge. We find ways to reinforce their vision and support their goals.  And then we customize our presentations and workshop experiences to exceed their expectations!

Team building games mean team bonding gains

We were scheduled to meet 65 staffers at the Carnegie Library Special Events Center in Mishawaka Indiana. We planned to divide the group into teams and assemble 13 bikes to be donated to local kids.

A series of events created a comedy of errors that turned into a golden opportunity for some serious team bonding.  First, we had far more workshop participants than we’d expected. Then we had more kids than bikes! Yikes!

Every trial can be a triumph when teammates pull together. Charitable giving always inspires our participants to rally their resources for a good cause. So in the true spirit of teamwork, we all pulled together as one—Magnovo facilitators and company staffers—and transformed the whole experience into team bonding magic.

The Boys and Girls Club kids were happy with the bikes we had on hand and the Communication Company president promised to deliver the 1 missing bike the very next day. And he’s ready for another Magnovo workshop remix later this year. We can’t wait!

Turning a problem into an opportunity to shine—that’s what team building games are all about.



Rob Jackson: Teambuilding With a Purpose

The benefits of teambuilding

Over a decade ago I walked away from a successful career in banking because I recognized a niche in the marketplace for personal development to train people to become better professionals.

It was a big risk, but my mantra is “Change the world, don’t just play the game.” So I launched a new career in professional development, teambuilding, and DISC personality training.

My initial focus was on corporations and small companies. I taught and trained in communications skills, leadership styles, management, and presentation skills based on an understanding of personality types.

Charity and the Return-on-Investment

But my passion is teambuilding with a purpose and that purpose is philanthropy at the corporate level. When I signed on to the company my one proviso was that we had to develop a philanthropic arm to the whole operation.

When I became the CEO, I developed charitable teambuilding workshops based on the notion that while you’re giving back to your community you can still have fun. We partner with companies to train their workers in professional development techniques, but the major component is charitable giving.

Our donations run the gamut from bikes, wheelchairs, and wagons to stuffed animals, school supplies, and hospital care packages. We partner with food banks to whom we donate dry goods, canned foods, and water. Magnovo works with animal shelters to provide forever-homes for pets. We work with disabled veterans and a variety of other organizations to give back to local communities in the cities where our clients are based.

The business of kindness

In today’s marketplace, corporate social responsibility is now part of most company business models. Progressive companies recognize the benefits of being good corporate neighbors.

Magnovo Training Group helps with this goal and our approach is turnkey. We customize each workshop to suit the goals of our clients. Our facilitators coordinate every aspect of the workshop including the liaison with the charitable organization chosen to receive the donations.

Our workshops are usually at least a couple of hours long. We divide large groups of employees into small teams each of which engages in a bit of friendly competition to “earn” the different components or parts they need to assemble their donations.

Teambuilding impact

For example, during our stuffed animal workshop, also known as Rescue Buddies, each participant literally stuffs and shapes the toy animals. The toys are then donated to traumatized kids in need of emotional rescue [after a car accident or house fire].

At the end of each workshop, a representative from the charity talks to the group about the potential impact their donations will have. Their constituents include low-income families, disabled veterans, deployed personnel, and the like.

It’s usually at this point that the company employees have an epiphany. They realize that the workshop they enjoyed wasn’t just about fun and games and teambuilding. They understand that what they spent the afternoon doing will change many lives in a tremendously positive way.

The Magnovo brand

Magnovo Training Group In The NewsMany of our clients are Fortune 500 companies. And our reputation is such that our facilitators travel across the country and around the world. One of our recent assignments involved a leadership development workshop for a cruise line in Italy. And one of our most hair-raising adventures occurred in Hawaii after an earthquake. We arrived in time to experience quite a few aftershocks!

Our teambuilding and professional development training couldn’t happen if I didn’t have a phenomenal team of facilitators. We usually get requests 1 to 2 months before the main event, but we’ve also delivered the goods with just a few hours notice.

We operate like a well-oiled machine and hit the mark every time. And that’s not just about our professionalism–it’s about our commitment to charitable giving. It’s the fuel that keeps us fired up. We’ve proven time and time again that giving back makes you and your company move forward.  

DISC Personality Guide to Teambuilding During the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful for a whole host of reasons. And teambuilding during the holidays can be particularly challenging. But understanding the personality types on your team can make these dicey waters easier to navigate.

How DiSC® Training Can Boost Engagement at WorkNo doubt, your staff is a cornucopia of characters spread across the DISC personality spectrum. DISC is an anagram for Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious.

Your Dominants probably think they have the inside track on how to make a profit during the holidays. All they want is for everybody else to buy in.

Surely your Influencer is already planning the party of the century, right? He’s got a list as long as your arm of party favors, games, and networking opportunities–hang the budget!

Meanwhile, your Steadiest and most Conscientious bean counters are in their cubicles wringing their hands over such a reckless plan! They’re the ones who’ll be saddled with ordering all the food, drinks, decorations, and reconciling the accounts afterward! You can feel their stress levels going up already!

And then there’s you, Forrest Gump with a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you’re going to get out of them despite your best attempts at teambuilding during the holidays.

Teambuilding during the holidays as therapy

How would you like to transform all that craziness and strife into something sane, sensible, and simple? Voila: charitable teambuilding during the holidays is the best way to eliminate the stress and restore the joy of the season.

Hospital HelpersConsider a charitable teambuilding workshop like our Hospital Helpers.

Imagine being stuck in the hospital throughout the holidays! Cancer patients. Long-term patients with no family nearby. Now imagine you and your company coming to the rescue.

You can make a huge difference to some of the patients in your neck of the woods through our Hospital Helpers care packages.

Many of us have been there, and know how great it is to have lotion, hand sanitizer, lip balm, or eye drops when you need them.

Dry shampoo. Body wash. A colorful hair scarf. A mini-makeup kit for those visits from that special someone.

Nothing says cozy and comfy like fuzzy socks and flannel throws.

Puzzle books, magazines, novels, sketch pads, journals, colorful pens, and markers–they can make the time go by faster and be more enjoyable.

Stationery, cards, and postage are a must if friends and family are far away. Digital frames full of family pics can make loved ones feel so close.

And where permitted, oil diffusers or candles can transform the atmosphere of any hospital room.

Charitable giving benefits the giver

Forget about frantically scrambling to stage a party no one will remember the next day. Instead, pool your talents and direct all that anxious energy toward something meaningful. An act of kindness that no one will ever forget.

Our workshop facilitators can help you customize the Hosptial Helper packages to reflect what your team cares about most. And during the workshop, they’ll learn more about one another–stuff they don’t get to see when they’re in “work mode.”

That’s the magic of teambuilding during the holidays through charitable giving. Everyone focuses on other people who need help, support, and kindness.

At every stage of the process, you and your team will better understand the most Dominant among you. Your Steadiest staffer may find he has something in common with your never-met-a-stranger Influencer.

Everybody’s communications and collaboration skills will be refreshed. Your leadership skills will be showcased in a new light.

Charitable giving is transformative. It can turn your efforts at teambuilding during the holidays this year into the smartest investment you’ve made in a long time. Happy holidays.

Successful Millennial Teambuilding at Barings

Our Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop at Barings was a classic exercise in Millennial teambuilding. And every single moment was delightful!

For starters, it was a beautiful day, and we were perched atop Barings’ dazzling new building in downtown Charlotte. The view from the Sky Room was spectacular–the perfect setting for our workshop.

And our workshop attendees were pretty spectacular, too. There were 34 in all. Of these 8 were financial analysts. The other 26 were interns from different specialties including IT, web development, investment banking, and private accounts.

Millennial teambuilding is a privilege

They were also very representative of their generation–there was a rich diversity of ethnicities, talents, and backgrounds. So, in essence, the Barings Sky Room was full of young dreamers with loads of potential. Magnovo was honored to help mold them for professional success and make some of those dreams come true.

And their employer knows a lot about making dreams come true.  Barings is “a global financial services company with local roots.” Their 1800 employees work around the world to give local communities access to services that may fulfill many personal dreams and aspirations.

Their asset management strategies are a substantial benefit to cities large and small. And the corporate culture of this $306 billion firm is built on a foundation of inclusion. From the top down, Barings fully embraces a diversity of thoughts, ideas, experience, backgrounds, and opinions.

Millennial teambuilding means bridge building

Barings goal is always to build relationships with clients, each other, and the communities they serve. And of course, these Millennials were just as passionate about community service. So our Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop was perfect for them. The positive impact on the lives of traumatized children in the Charlotte area was guaranteed.

Moose, koalas, pigs, bird, turtles, porpoises, lions, tigers, and bears. These toys ride along with police and other first responders to comfort a child after an accident.  Or they may be needed after a domestic violence case in which the child is removed from parental custody.

That’s where our toys come to the rescue. They can comfort them because each one is stuffed with love and good wishes. And many of the toys have imperfections which are a form of therapy for kids who feel damaged or imperfect themselves.  

Why charity matters

The group divided into small teams. Each participant assembled their own stuffed animal but had to work in harmony with their team. The workshop was an exercise in shared control. They learn leadership skills that must benefit the whole team.

Workshop challenges were based on the personality styles of the attendees. And during the friendly competition, each point they won was designed to make a point. Communications, collaboration, strategizing, and team-accountability. Think like a team. Act like a team.  

The 34 Rescue Buddies were taken into custody by the Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department’s Freedom Division. Next stop: the loving arms of 34 frightened or grieving children in desperate need of reassurance and security.


The Good We Do: Portland Oregon

Magnovo was honored when the donations from a recent Puttin Pantry Workshop became the highlight of a 9/11 commemoration in Portland Oregon. This was an example of corporate social responsibility at its finest.

Green Bits provides point-of-sales technology for use by medical cannabis retailers. Thousands of patients suffering from cancer, epilepsy, and other debilitating conditions benefit from medical marijuana. It can ease pain, nausea, depression, and other side effects from long-term diseases.

As a part of their current corporate social responsibility initiative, Green Bits invited us to conduct a motivational teambuilding workshop. Their choice of our Puttin Pantry Workshop was not unique, but the venue was.

They wanted the donations from our workshop to support homeless veterans. And they wanted to take the workshop to their turf.  So we spent the day in a derelict part of the city where the homeless veterans live.

Corporate social responsibility with grit

We worked with 35 members of the Green Bits staff assembling a putt-putt golf course made of canned and boxed foods–veggies, meats, fruits, cereals, pasta–and beverages.

We donated all of the items to  Transition Projects which offers a lifeline and a bridge back into society for homeless veterans in the Portland community.

Our donations were distributed on 9/11 during Transition Projects’  2018 Portland Veterans Stand Down, which remembered and honored the victims of America’s most horrific terrorist attack.

According to the Transition Projects Director of Development, Roma A. Peyser, more than 100 volunteers and 120 community organizations, service providers, and employers came together to honor and support veterans experiencing or at-risk of homelessness.

Corporate social responsibility as a business model

The good we do–the partnerships we seek out with charities across the country–is at the core of our business model. Over the past decade, Magnovo has become an industry leader in teambuilding, leadership development, and DISC personality training and we’re grateful for our success.

But it’s how our work has impacted the lives of the less fortunate that fuels our fire. The bikes we’ve delivered to kids for whom such a luxury wouldn’t exist. The care packages to homesick military personnel overseas. The school supplies we’ve given to hundreds of kids whose parents can’t afford them.

The canned goods and other foodstuffs we distribute through our Puttin Pantry Workshops feed hungry bellies. Comfort. Reassure. Boost morale. Offer hope.

This is why we do the good we do. Because it matters. And every time we do it, we count it a tremendous honor and privilege to touch so many lives.


Company Bonding Activities at Anthem, Inc.

Company bonding activities at Anthem, Inc. reflect their commitment to their clients and their community. During our Rescue Buddies Charitable Teambuilding Workshop, the Anthem staff created a legacy of kindness that will last for many years to come.

Flexible spending accounts. Behavioral health benefit services. Life and disability insurance benefits. Dental. Vision. Anthem, Inc. is one of the biggest health care benefits companies in the country.  Their medical membership is 39.6 million. Their assets top $70 billion.

Visionary company bonding activities

Teambuilding at Anthem is designed to support their purpose which is “…to transform America’s health care with trusted and caring solutions.”

Chief among their core values are accountability, customer care, innovation, and integrity. Their company bonding activities reinforce these values.

Compassionate company bonding activities

We joined 65 staffers one sunny day at the Anthem headquarters in Mason Ohio.  These employees came from all over the country for a big annual meeting.

They were senior leaders who headed a range of departments–corporate real estate, lease administration, procurement, and facilities operations among others. After a couple of grueling days of meetings, they were ready for a change of pace.

Our Rescue Buddies fit the bill perfectly. The group split into teams and during a series of friendly competitions, each team “won” the components they’d need to assemble their Rescue Buddies. The whole process brought out the kid in these corporate giants and they had a ball.

Community bonding activities

But while they were having fun, they also understood the importance of the toys they made. Rescue Buddies are stuffed bears, birds, fish, and other adorable animal figures that help kids in crisis.

Police officers, EMS personnel, and other first responders distribute them to traumatized children after a tragic accident, fire, or other life-altering events.

Our workshop participants actually stuff the animals, seal them, and tag them with encouraging notes and best wishes.

We donated this batch of 65 cuddle-bugs to Building Blocks for Kids. Their mission is  “to bridge the funding gap for products and services that help improve the quality of life for these children.”

And they do this by covering every imaginable health care need for young patients! Aqua therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Wheelchair and wheelchair ramps. Bathroom and bedroom modifications. Hearing aids, walkers, prosthetics, van lifts, and therapy dogs. If a sick child needs it, this wonderful charity finds a way to provide it.

Nobody expected a reward for all their hard work, but they got one in the form of Laura and her son who benefited from Building Blocks for Kids. Laura’s 5-year-old son suffered from epilepsy and needed a service dog.  Building Blocks for Kids helped them raise the money. Now when Laura’s son has a seizure, the dog sounds the alarm and wakes her up.

Magnovo believes that all company bonding activities should impact the lives of children like the ones Building Blocks for Kids serves every day. It’s why we do what we do.

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