Blue Cross Blue Shield Uses Team Training for a Good Cause

This group of leaders was no stranger to team building events, but working together to benefit the D.C Firefighter’s Burn Foundation opened their eyes to just how much a group effort can accomplish.

Blue Cross BlueA Competitive Team Event Where Everyone Wins

Our group of 60 participants gathered at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C.  to participate in the Rescue Buddies charity team building. This event was to kick off the second day of a two-day strategic meeting. The goal was multipurpose: allow participants to get to know each other while working together to support the efforts of the D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation, a charity that helps children suffering burn injuries.

We opened the day with a series of icebreakers to get the team excited both for the day’s activities and for the remainder of their meeting. Having participated in a number of team activities before, the group was looking for something fresh to energize and fulfill them. Jason Woods, our friend at the D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation, shared the importance of their mission: to build stuffed bears that would go toward children affected by fires in D.C. At that moment, the atmosphere shifted into one of inspiration, eager to accomplish something much greater than their own self-serving goals.

Giving New Hope for D.C. Burn Victims through Rescue Buddies

As an integral part of the healthcare community, these leaders have dedicated themselves to helping others receive the healthcare they need. But the Rescue Buddies event showed them that enriching emotional health can also provide a crucial step toward healing.

The group divided into smaller competitive teams to build stuffed animals that would go to burned children. These animals were more than just toys – they would become comfort, friends, and a symbol of hope for many children on their healing journey.

Planning Ahead for Ongoing Success

Before the group moved to the rest of the meeting’s agenda, we regrouped to discuss the event and highlight key takeaways. Several participants mentioned their pride in the work they had performed and were excited to see what next year’s event would bring. The group finished the event refreshed and focused to continue with their Day 2 activities, filled with newfound appreciation for each other that will go a long way in achieving future successes.