The Best Team Building Activities for Employee Appreciation Day

The Best Team Building Activities for Employee Appreciation Day

One of the easiest and best team building activities is coming up in the form of Employee Appreciation Day!

The Best Team Building Activities for Employee Appreciation DayOn Friday March 3, 2017 in offices across the country, bosses will throw daylong office parties, spring for lunches, and stop the clock early just to say “Thanks!” Started in 1995 by Dr. Bob Nelson, co-founder of Recognition Professionals International (RPI), Employee Appreciation Day is a great way to boost morale and employee engagement.

Want to say “Thanks, guys!” to your hard working team? Give a gift card for a latte. Treat the whole crew to a swanky multi-course dinner. From a floral bouquet to a fitness buffet–a mini salad bar or a ginormous fruit bowl–the best team building activities don’t have to cost a lot to reap huge benefits.

But tops among the best team building activities is finding ways to make every day Employee Appreciation Day. Simple recognition and acknowledgement–making a big deal out of small accomplishments–can go a long way toward turning them into major professional milestones.

As the winter wanes and spring is sprung, consider venturing beyond the office into the great outdoors for some fresh air and fresh opportunities to make working together feel more like play. Does your staff get geeked about friendly contests–bowling tournaments, tennis matches, basketball or baseball games?

Competition can be physically and emotionally healthy as long as you don’t take it or yourselves too seriously. Better yet, while you’re enjoying a rigorous workout, you can help your community at the same time by participating in a few charitable team building events.

For example, you can help a needy child in your area spring into action on a brand new bike. As the temperatures climb, she can soar on a shiny new bicycle lovingly assembled by you and your coworkers, during one of our Bike-a-Thon Bicycle Team Building Workshops.

Donning your own Fitbit, you may be surprised at how many steps you’ll take speeding your way toward a quicker assembly of your bike than a competing team of colleagues. And in the end, your handiwork will improve the health and overall quality of life for a low-income child in your own community.

Or during our Wheelcharity Wheelchair Team Building Workshop you can trick out a different kind of wheels for a handicapped neighbor who may be homebound, and just itching to break away from his confines and enjoy the sunshine.

During our charitable team building workshops, you’ll get to know your colleagues on a more personal level; and you’ll savor the knowledge that you’ve actually had a positive impact on the lives of members of your own community. These are among the best team building activities because everyone wins–both the givers and the recipients.


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