Advancing Executive Presence through Leadership Development

Leadership development is a challenge. It is a call to action for leaders to extend and grow beyond their comfort zone. It is also an opportunity to build upon their natural abilities and stretch their knowledge base and awareness into new arenas. Companies also feel the challenge of developing their leaders because they invest their resources to advance their workforce.


Advancing Executive Presence through Leadership DevelopmentOnline dictionaries define development as bringing something into a more mature, advanced or effective state. An example of completing such a task during leadership development might include helping leaders view situations from an array of perspectives. That is why it is referred to as a transformational process – because leaders move from one way or style of leading to the next level.

Naturally, for an organization to make a decision to invest in its current leadership pool, it is demonstrating a strategic effort to strengthen its business base. Promoting from within an organization increases employee morale, saves costs on orientation and training for new employees and demonstrates to its workers that it values loyalty. Leadership development for these reasons is welcomed and appreciated. It says to the leader, “This Company values and recognizes your past performance and we desire to see more.”

When leaders are affirmed and appreciated for their efforts, leadership development is a given. These leaders understand their employer is investing in their future by coaching and mentoring them in a more mature way of leadership. Thus, a sense of security in one’s employment is felt. This allows leaders to relax and maintain an attitude of open mindedness and willingness – two of the base components of learning.

Maximizing leadership development also speaks to an organization focusing on its future growth and potential. It says to the work staff, “We are moving forward and building something great. We need you to help us get there.” People interested in moving up the corporate ladder will see hope when they realize the company is investing in its current pool of employees. They will work harder, produce more and use their creative energies to advance the company’s mission and vision statements.

In this way, leadership development is a win-win situation. Leaders who are coached and mentored into a more mature style of management are more likely to stay with an organization. This will prompt loyalty and a “stick-to-it” attitude among the workforce. In turn, the company benefits because loyal employees can prove to be more effective and creative people, who will produce more and invest more of themselves into company goals and objectives. See how one of our Executive Presence Coaching Workshops can help you develop your potential leaders.