Accent Indy Workshop

The workshop we did with Accent Indy was a lot of fun for everyone. We also managed to get a lot of good things accomplished along the way and help the Accent Indy team stay moving in the right direction.

accent indyAccent Indy’s Goals for the Workshop

We came into the Accent Indy Workshop with a clear idea of what goals the managers wanted to accomplish. Every company needs something different, but the Accent Indy management team wanted us to teach nuanced communication and how to respond appropriately to changing scenarios.

They also wanted to contribute something meaningful to the charity of their choice. More specifically, they wanted to build 37 wagons for Damar Services. Damar Services is a company that works with families who manage Autism in their homes.

At the same time, they wanted us to energize their team and build a sense of confidence that would transfer back to their actual work environment. As always, knowing precisely what Accent Indy’s goals were coming in helped us design them the ideal workshop.

Skill Building and Giving Back

The workshop was well attended for sure, with 240 team members that we divided up into 37 teams, one for each wagon they wanted to give Damar Services. We divided them up by geographic area, a method that helped team members who’d never met get to know each other better.

We decided to start the workshop off with a session of Say What I Say. Essentially, this is Simon Says with a twist and it went a long way toward accomplishing Accent Indy’s communication goals. It was also a lot of goofy fun for the Accent Indy team and our facilitators alike. A big part of the fun was team members watch one another get mixed up. This was by design and served two purposes– to break the ice and help them communicate better.

After Say What I Say, we transitioned into the Wagon Building workshop. The Accent Indy folks came in ready to compete, with everyone working hard to finish first and get the wagon parts they needed to build the finished product.

A Great Time with Benefits For Everyone

The workshop turned out to be a great success. There were a lot of energized team members by the time the fun ended, with positive comments coming from managers and staff alike. And to top it all off, Damar’s CEO did a great job presenting the fine work they do in the Autism community and was thrilled with all the wagons we built for them!