With a High Quality Workshop, You CAN always get what you want

There are many Team Building companies out there to choose from. Most of them, I would like to think, perform a high quality workshop that meets the goals and expectations that the client sets for them. But, unfortunately, there are many out there that don’t find out or listen to what the client is wants in a workshop. The workshop doesn’t go the way the client expected or wanted and they are frustrated and upset with the team building company.
With a High Quality Workshop, You CAN always get what you wantHave you ever bought something online and received something far inferior than what you expected? It happens all the time. Last week, I thought I had purchased a flight from Allentown Pa, to Indianapolis, IN via Newark, NJ. I fly over a hundred times a year and have never experienced what happened to me that day. I got up to the ticket counter of major airline to check in for my “Flight” to Newark only to be told that I would get on the “Bus” out front for my “Ride” to Newark. (Yes, I was actually riding on a bus for the first hour and a half!! ) Needless to say, it was a complete shock to me. The bus trip was crowded and I needed to see a chiropractor the next day because of the rough ride.
Now, I know what you may be wondering “Did it say Bus on the ticket?”. The answer is yes, it did say in small writing where it tells you what kind of Plane that you will be flying on. I do take responsibility for that. But, it was not made clear to me about the bus part of the trip. As you may know there are ‘Airbus’ listings for various models of planes, so I didn’t think anything about it. However, this is the area of business I what to cover with you today. There are times that we order or purchase something only to find out that it was not what we expected or far less quality than we would have agreed too.
At Magnovo Training Group, we find out as much of the needs of our clients as we can and make sure that the workshop meets their needs and achieves their goals. More communication on the front end makes for a successful event. We fully explain how the workshop runs and the benefits’ that they should expect from it. So, if you choose a Magnovo Team Building Program, you can expect to be asked several questions at the beginning to make sure you get the exact event that you expect.