A Summer Day in the Park With W.L. Gore and Assoc.

When the makers of Gore-Tex wanted to give back, they chose Bike-A-Thon™. And what better place to celebrate the outdoors than a local park. It turned out to be the perfect spot for a summertime team building workshop!

We just love it when the teams we work with choose new and exciting locations for their workshops. Summertime often finds us out-of-doors, which makes us pleased as punch. Team building can take place anywhere, in any environment… including a local city park.

W.L. Gore and AssociatesW.L. Gore and Associates, our Bike-A-Thon™ customer in Newark, Delaware, chose well. Their workshop would get them outdoors and building bicycles for local Newark kids.

They’d also be building their teamwork skills in this beautiful setting in a local park. So fitting for a company that makes being outdoors in all weather more bearable! They are the developers of Gore-Tex, so if you’ve ever had great hiking gear or the best raincoats, chances are you were wearing their products. Another line they develop is technical fabrics that firefighters and the military wear.

Bicycles Get Built in a Local Park

The occasion was the W.L. Gore and Associates annual sales meeting. The meeting (and the workshop) included more than just salespeople, however. It was a diverse group with a great attitude and plenty of teamwork skills already under their belts. You gotta know something about teamwork if you’ve been in business since 1958 like they have!

The overall team atmosphere and activities went very well. The team reported that every aspect of the event met their expectations.

This group, like so many others, found one particular activity especially rewarding and fun. It’s called “Commercials” and it involves lots of teamwork and collaboration. Teams are given a fictional product or service and they must create, stage, and perform TV commercials. Teams view one another’s performances so there’s a tiny degree of nervousness and pressure to work well on a team.

The groups from W.L. Gore and Associates really aced the commercials, and we enjoyed some great performances.

Then it was on to building the bicycles. By this point, the teams were really warmed up to the idea of collaborating and working together in new ways, so the “bike build” went smoothly, thanks to great teamwork.

Bikes to to Kids from the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club

The bicycles were donated, and local Newark kids got shiny new bikes in the park. What a great way to spend a summer day!