6 Reasons Your New Company Should Participate in Team Building

Most new companies don’t think they can benefit from team building activities just yet. In fact, they probably don’t even consider it as an option. New companies are too busy developing their products, hiring their staff, and establishing a market strategy to consider something ‘next-level’ like guided team building. In other words, they’re too busy building a team to bother with organized team building.

team buildingBut this is clearly a peculiar, almost paradoxical logic, right? Although this reluctance is perfectly understandable, it’s also patently misguided. There’s actually no better time to start developing teamwork skills than when a company is still in its infancy. Teamwork skills can make or break your business right from the start, and here are the top 6 reasons new companies should start developing them as early as possible.

1. Setting a Tone of Teamwork and Unity

By the time most companies recognize the need for a professional team building workshop, their employees’ habits are already deeply ingrained. Of course, this only makes it harder to change these habits when the need arises. But by getting an early start, you can instill a framework of teamwork and unity that will build on itself as your company grows.

2. Effective Communication Right From the Start

Communication is something most people take for granted, but there’s more to it than simply sending an email or having a conversation. Team building workshops emphasize the inherent difficulties of communication and work to alleviate them. Early team building work will eliminate some of these difficulties in advance. It will also get your people into the habit of listening and making themselves heard.

3.Conveying Your Company’s Vision

You probably already have a well spelled out vision for your company’s future, but how well do your people understand what this vision is? Mission statements and meetings are fine as far as they go, but a team building workshop will help you enact your vision in a way that leaves an indelible imprint.

Team building can also help new managers assess the level to which their staffers have bought into the company’s explicit vision.  There is a twofold benefit to this discovery process.  First, it will reveal which employees are already prepared to participate in the company vision.  Alternatively, it will also indicate those staff members who need additional counsel and training.

4. Establishing A Leadership Precedent

It goes without saying that leadership is a key factor in any new company’s success, but some leadership styles work better than others.  Further, the leadership style that works best is largely contextual.  This means that it depends on the specific needs your company has at this early stage.

Team building will allow you to set a leadership precedent.  First, it will demonstrate that internal leadership is a necessity for teamwork success.  Second, the workshop facilitators can coach your emerging leaders and help them establish the precise style you currently need.

5. A Chance To See One Another in a Different Light

Even when your company is still brand new, employees often develop a very narrow perception of one another.  Needless to say, this can hinder their ability to work together effectively.  A properly run workshop can counteract this with challenges that present your people in an entirely new light.

6.Team Building Can Mold Your Company’s Culture

Typically, companies are in business for many years, decades even, before they address the issue of workplace culture.  Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to change the workplace dynamic once it’s been operating in a specific way for that long.

Early intervention can prevent a negative environment from forming in the first place.  Team building workshops convey an important two-part message about your company culture. First, they demonstrate its importance.  Second, they provide substantiative input on precisely how this culture should be established.