Team Building for Education Professionals

Team Building for Education Professionals

Teacher, mentor, administrator, or support staff – whatever your role in the education field, your students’ success depends on your ability to lead them there. Let us help you show them the way. 

It takes a village to teach a child. And when you don’t have the backing of a strong village, no one is able to perform to the best of their abilities. Working in education can prove rewarding, and operating together as a team to fulfill your mission ensures those rewards are attainable for everyone.

Team Building for Education Professionals

We Know the Challenges of the Education Industry

The education field presents a unique set of challenges, unlike any other industry. From meeting state and federal education standards, conducting ongoing training and certifications, and providing quality education with an ever-waning budget, you experience plenty of obstacles, not to mention problems that stem from within the classroom.

We’ve worked with leaders in the education industry for over a decade, and have found that school administrators, teachers, and staff who work together can truly make their school a better place to learn and grow. From elementary schools to secondary education, from public schools to private academies and tutoring organizations, every institution we’ve partnered with has shown us one thing:

Leadership between educational professionals is built on communication, trust, and comprehension.

Keeping problems away from the classroom is only one of many benefits of leadership training. When your team is able to function as a cohesive unit, fewer problems are likely to manifest within your school that could potentially impact your students’ education. And this level of problem-solving can only come from a strong team of leaders that understand what it means to lead.

Team Building Workshops for Education Professionals

As an education professional, you are building the leaders of the future from within your institution. But in order to create strong leaders, your team must first become fit to lead others.

Our in-house professionals have worked extensively with educators, administrators, tutors, and technical staff to develop teams that lead by example. We understand what it takes to gain the participation of everyone involved to maximize your team building session and give your organization the best chance of success.

By hosting an off-campus team building event, your team is taken out of a work environment that can often be conducive to stress, individuality, and routine. By placing all your team members on a level playing field, the barriers of communication and trust are broken to allow each person to gain new insight into the people they work with.

We’ve designed our workshops to engage every member – there’s never a dull moment. Our events are fun and enlightening, but never cross the line of embarrassing or pointless. With plenty of hands-on activities and open discussions, each event is designed to spark new ways of thinking and creative problem-solving, which can continue to benefit your school long after your event is over.

Customized Charity Team Building Events

Educators spend their careers giving back to others. Hosting a team building event for charity can put the importance of your role in education into perspective.

Like our team building workshops, our charity events focus on strengthening communication, trust, and knowledge in your team. Whether you’re filling care packages for soldiers overseas or building bicycles for kids in your community, your team building efforts can renew your passion for educating and helping others.

Past Eductation Workshops
centennial school district

Centennial School District’s IT Dept Builds Wagons… and Connections

The 10-member IT Department of Centennial School District in Welches, OR, is fully committed to the teachers and students who work and learn there, not just the machines they oversee and administer. We met them at The Resort at the Mountain for an exciting training and workshop program focused on problem-solving and customer service.


Santa Clara County Office Of Education Really Gets the “Big Picture”

The Santa Clara County Office of Education wanted help with team collaboration. Our Big Picture workshop is focused on getting everyone involved in a big group project. That’s perfect for exercising new collaborative skills!

Pleasant Valley Schools

Pleasant Valley Schools: All About the Kids (and the Bikes!)

How does a brand new Superintendent successfully introduce herself to the district school leadership and start her leadership off well? A Magnovo Charity Team Building workshop of course!

Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University’s IT Department Gets The Big Picture

When most people think of an IT department, the words fun, exciting, and creative are not the first ones that come to mind. However, the Fayetteville State University IT department proved to be all of those things in their annual workshop.

Greater Clark County School System

Team Synergy Inspires Jeffersonville, IN, School Administrators

The Superintendent of the Greater Clark County School System hosts an annual staff development day. This year, arrangements were made for a shared book discussion of Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and for the first time, a team building event facilitated by Magnovo.


Foundation Academy Teachers Get Artsty

Every team is better when its members can see the Big Picture. This summer, teachers from Foundation Academy channeled their inner artists and explored the Big Picture in many ways.

Relias Learning

Relias Learning Annual Sales Meeting Kicks Off With WheelCharity Event

A diverse and energetic group who were excited to get together for their annual meeting made a difference in the lives of those in need with donations of wheelchairs they built themselves.

sunstone montessori logo

Sunstone Teachers, Administrators Get Lessons in Teamwork

Community, cohesion, and trust formed the 3-part goal of this group from Sunstone Montessori. 


Lessons on Collaboration for Battle Creek Public Schools Teachers

Battle Creek Public Schools chose our Team Synergy Workshop for their team building event, and it turned out to be an excellent choice. Since teachers are also leaders, we borrowed elements from our Campfire Leadership program and worked them into this customized workshop. During the initial consultation with the group representative, the objective was clarified.


Surprising Revelations for Student Leaders at Delaware State University

Staff and student leaders at Delaware State University were in for a surprise after viewing results of their personality assessments during our DiSC Training Workshop. 28 participants came together for a highly successful workshop designed to give insight into personality types and how they affect communication. Participants were co-workers who ran the campus gym facility…a


Leadership Development for Education Professionals

Your school may have just one principal, but that doesn’t mean there’s only room for one leader. Our leadership training seminars focus on building core skills that are essential for both inside and outside the classroom, such as public speaking and presentation skills.

As a result, your teachers and staff gain the skills and confidence needed to satisfy the needs of students, parents, and their team members.

If you’re ready to build a better team of educators, administrators, and support staff, contact us today or fill out our form for more information. By investing in building leaders from within your school, you are investing in a well-rounded, cohesive education for your students. That’s the gift that keeps giving.

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