Relational Sales Training

Enhance sales performance, improve sales skills and transform your company culture into a motivated, high-performance environment with Relational Sales Training.

Gain a competitive advantage by improving sales skills with our customer-oriented approach to sales training that produces results. Our professional facilitators will create a customized approach for your organizational needs to reflect your business strategy, products, services, and competitive situation.

Learn techniques that help you identify how you interact with people, so you can understand how to best approach others.

In relational sales it’s all about connecting. Our workshops inspire individuals and corporations worldwide to reach their full potential and achieve their financial and operational objectives. Salespeople involved in marketing complex products and services often perform the role of “relationship manager”. Relational selling behaviors such as mutual disclosure, intentions, and followup generally produce a strong buyer-seller connection.
Relational sales training programs work to align your employee development with your process, operational plans, and financial goals.

We help your sales team develop:

  • Effective presentation techniques
  • Account planning strategies
  • Negotiation tactics

Magnovo relational sales training guides individuals from transaction-focused selling to true consultative selling, transforming sales into a collaboration-focused business partnership that produces long-term, measurable sales results.

Length: Half day, full day or two day options, customized to fit your goals.
Combo: Many of our clients combine classroom training with one of our charity team building activities for a full day of training. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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