Superior Presentation Skills

Are you looking for a way to connect with your audience to become a more effective speaker? Magnovo’s Superior Presentation Skills workshop is the answer!

Superior Presentation Skills™ focuses on developing individual skills and empowering your team to become more confident and influential presenters. In a small classroom environment with one-on-one coaching, the focus of this workshop is to learn how to effectively connect with your audience.

Our professional facilitators collaborate with you to create an onsite workshop designed for your specific outcomes. Class size is limited to smaller groups, with a strong emphasis on personalized coaching. This unique small class size allows for maximum participation from each individual. Participant presentations will be videotaped and provided to the individual for reinforcement of skills learned.

Onsite workshop tailored for your team’s presentations!

During your 1 ½-Day Superior Presentation Skills™ Seminar you will:


  • Learn how to connect with your audience
  • Understand how voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency affect your presentation
  • Carry yourself with strength and convey control and confidence while presenting
  • Learn how to effectively deliver a formal or informal presentation in a clear concise manner
  • Practice designing and delivering a presentation several times throughout the 1½ -day workshop
  • Enhance body language, eye contact, and gesturing to make your presentation more effective
  • Understand the individual design components of an effective presentation
  • Use public speaking media and technology to increase the impact of your public speaking skills

If you’d like your team to improve their presentation skills, learn how to connect with their audience more effectively, and become more persuasive, please contact us for more information about your onsite workshop.

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