Leading Through Change™

In these dynamic economic times the need for changing quickly is more critical than ever. It may be the key element required for the survival of an organization!

But how do we do it successfully? This in-depth workshop takes your people on a step by step process for implementing a culture of successful change. It is highly interactive and focuses on your issues and challenges.

Participants will:

  • Understand the Challenges and Need for Change
  • Examine the Fundamentals for Communication in a Successful Change
  • Review the 8 Strategies to Leading Change in your Organization
  • Incorporate Leadership Roles in Change Management

The end result of this course is a confidence in your team and their ability to identify and implement the important changes necessary for your company to prosper in these unsteady economic times.

Length: Half day, full day or two day options, customized to fit your goals.
Combo: Many of our clients combine classroom training with one of our charity team building activities for a full day of training. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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