Campfire Leadership ™ – Developing Effective Leadership Styles

Have you ever wondered why some people appear to be natural at effective leadership and other people just seem to flock to them?

campfire-leadership-stylesThe reality is that there is no such thing as natural born leaders. Developing leadership skill sets is a learned behavior – not an innate trait. The inescapable fact is… You are a leader whenever you are in the position of influencing someone’s thinking, behavior or development. Knowing yourself and your audience will define your success in the business world today.

Management. Direction. Guidance. These are all synonyms for effective leadership.

Based on Rob Jackson’s breakthrough book Campfire Leadership, this engaging workshop takes a look at effective leadership from a personality perspective. One of the keys to a successful team is letting each individual team member do what they do really well. High performing teams learn to appreciate the strengths and diversity by accepting and embracing the differences rather than let them be a source of conflict. If all personality styles are represented, the strength of the team is in that diversity as long as team members have that perspective.

In this interactive Campfire Leadership™ workshop you will:

      Identify types of personalities that make up your team
      Demonstrate strengths and weaknesses of each trait
      Reduce conflict and improve effectiveness by focusing on strengths
      Improve communication with an understanding of each style
      Redirect frustration into appreciation of a balanced team
    Teach ways to motivate and lead each personality style

The strength of the team is in the diversity of personality styles!

In a Campfire Leadership™ workshop you will find out who you really are, understand why people act the way they do, and investigate the complexities and value of effective leadership skills.
Customized: Since each workshop is customized, participants gain hands-on experience in situations that are common to their work environment.
Length: Workshops range from half day (raising awareness) to time-spaced multiple day workshops (creating behavior change). The length of the workshop determines the results desired.

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