Your Bike Donations at Work: May is National Bike Month

Your Bike Donations at Work: May is National Bike Month

For all our past clients who’ve enjoyed the most popular team building workshop ever to hit the rounds of the corporate training circuit, here’s a chance to see your bike donations in action.

May is National Bike Month, a time when we can all shed the dreary burden of winter’s chill and take advantage of beautiful Spring weather by hopping onto our bicycles.  Thanks to thousands of bike donations across the country – made possible by our hard-working, bike-assembling clients partnering with local charities – even more deserving kids can join in the good fun.

Your Bike Donations at Work: May is National Bike MonthLast Year’s Bike Donations are This Year’s Favorite Item for Spring

Corporate giving really revs up during the holiday season.  That’s when we’re so busy scheduling Bike-A-Thon™ team building workshops we hardly have time to breathe!  Kids absolutely love receiving bicycles built for them by our clients, and of course a bicycle makes the perfect holiday gift.

The ironic thing is that many of the kids on the receiving end of those bike donations have to wait until Spring to enjoy them!  That’s why right now, during National Bike Month, your donations are finally making their debut.

And what a debut it is!  After one of the worst winters on record in many parts of the country, Bike Month means more than ever.  Kids everywhere are unearthing their bicycles from storage and enjoying the incomparable bliss of zipping along on two wheels in the warm Spring air.

It’s all part of a wonderful national trend.  Thanks to the visionary folks over at the League of American Bicyclists, bicycling awareness is increasing in our country.  Part of that is their sponsorship of Bike Month every year since 1956.  Here at Magnovo, we applaud them!

Schedule Your Holiday Workshop Early- Slots Fill Up Fast!

You wouldn’t believe it, but scheduling for the holiday season is already beginning.  Since it’s our busiest time of year, our clients know to book ahead of time to ensure they get the holiday workshop of their choice.

Nobody wants to think about Old Man Winter right now- we only just emerged from the cold!  But a with a quick call to Magnovo (or you can fill out our quote form) you can reserve your own bike donation team building workshop for the 2015 Holiday Season.  With that done, you’ll be free to enjoy the Spring and let us worry about the details until next Winter.

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