Worldpay, Doing Their Part for the World

Early this past Fall, we met with a group from Worldpay at the Renaissance Midtown Atlanta Hotel. The objective: a Mission: Kids Care charity workshop. The result: huge success with team building and lots of fun!

The Location

WorldpayAny time we get to hold one of our workshops at a Marriott, we’re excited. We can always count on helpful staff and a gorgeous environment. Marriott has a line of boutique, urban hotel styles called Renaissance, and that’s where we met up for our workshop.

Even as gorgeous as the hotel was, and helpful as the staff was, the room was a little less than ideal. The room we had was small and with a big ole post in the middle, but we made it work.

The staff went over and beyond helpful, struggling to find a missing box and the many guys who wanted to help carry and get stuff for me! Love the Marriott, so thanks again for always helping our workshops to be the best they can, whenever we get to hold one at your hotels.

Anyway, on to the workshop itself.

Worldpay Leaders Gather for Team Building

40 of the Worldpay leaders gathered for a shortened version of Mission: Kids Care on a beautiful late summer day in September. This group of very high D and I personalities came with huge amounts of energy and ready to compete with one another during our warm up activities (if you’re not sure what “D” and “I” personalities, you haven’t taken our DiSC® personality training workshop yet!).

These warm up activities included developing a strategy to beat the opposing half of the group in our wacky “Circuit Ball” activity. The room was filled with cheers and laughter as each group was able to win a round or two.

Organized craziness followed as pairs worked to fill 35 back packs that were given to the very grateful Atlanta Children’s Shelter at the end of the event. If Worldpay leaders put half of the energy into business that was shown in this charity team building event, you should invest in their stock now!

The Atlanta Children’s Shelter

Barry, the representative from the receiving charity, was prompt and presented very well. He was also very helpful with those from the Worldpay group who had questions about his organization. It was great to see everyone building bridges to the community in this way. Thanks, Worldpay, for doing your part to make the world a tiny bit better!