Workplace Communication at Micronutrients

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At Micronutrients, better workplace communication and team building are built on DiSC personality styles training. And it works.

Small beginning, big impact

Micronutrients started out in 1992 as a research project. In no time at all, they took the agribusiness industry by storm with the development of a revolutionary product called hydroxy trace minerals.

Sold under the brand name Intellibond, their hydroxy trace minerals are like a high tech superfood for cows, pigs, and chickens.  Micronutrients’ trace mineral specialists are pioneers who’ve developed a nutritional system that makes mineral absorption more efficient and the feed itself is more stable and much safer.

Micronutrients’ Intellibond products include a patented combination of zinc, copper, amino acid complexes, and other minerals. This agricultural breakthrough maximizes the nutritional value of feed for livestock which improves animal health and productivity.

Now a subsidiary of  Nutreco, Micronutrients’ global impact has revolutionized the beef, pork, and poultry industries. They’ve dramatically improved the quality of meats, minimized costs to ranchers, and maximize environmental sustainability.

The challenges of workplace communication

No doubt you’ve noticed that getting everyone on the same page with the same focus can be difficult. Even a well-chosen team of top professionals can experience communication barriers.

If you want to know how to communicate, you need to know who you’re communicating with. Their personalities, values, and mindsets. Insight and understanding are key to workplace communication and team building with DiSC personality training is the first step.

DiSC identifies 4 personality styles: Dominant, Influential, Steadiness, Conscientiousness. Most of us are a combination of 3 of these styles.

DiSC personality style training can open your eyes to:

  • Who your team members are as people and professionals;
  • Why they think the way they do;
  • Why they act they way they do;
  • How to guide them to a greater level of self-awareness; and
  • How to motivate them to become their best selves professionally and personally.

When workplace communication works, everything else falls into place–deadlines, productivity, quotas, and profits.

DiSC personality training results in constructive, positive dialogue—open minds can open doors and as well as hearts.  And open communication is the ecosystem of a healthy office.

Feedback from the Micronutrients managers was glowing. One executive said, “… that it was the best training his people have ever been through. It kept them engaged and alert. The whole group was very attentive and participated very well.”

Forgive the pun, but the Micronutrients staffers really ate it up!