Women’s Leadership Training

“Women’s Leadership Training was a very powerful workshop. I’ve attended a lot of seminars, but this was the first one where I felt like the facilitator was really invested in me and my success!”

Women’s Leadership Training is a leadership course designed for women at any stage of their professional career. Women will never be 50-year-old men. And we’re glad about that! But as women, we are acutely aware of some of the challenges that are uniquely faced by women as they enter into, advance in, and manage the workplace.

As a woman-owned business, we at Magnovo Training Group know you don’t have to wear pantsuits, smoke cigars, or learn to play golf if you don’t want to! We’ll address a wide range of challenges faced by many women in the workplace, and explore ways to use our natural abilities and gifts as women to overcome them.

Topics include:

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
Juggling Five Balls – Who Controls Your Calendar and Your Life?
Seven Deadly Sins, According to Nina
Read the Room as well as the Workplace
Use Your Instincts and Female Intuition
Creating Clear Boundaries and Seeking Balance
Create Your Personal Plan of Action

When you arrange for us to deliver Women’s Leadership Training at your site, one of the main advantages is customization. We have a full portfolio of modules available to create the leadership workshop that best fits the needs of your business environment.

Skip the clichés – focus on meaningful content.

Empowering women and breaking the glass ceiling can be catchy titles. Our professional facilitators dig deeper to understand the individual needs of your team and reinforce the learning with interactive skill-building activities.

“The best part of this workshop was creating my own personal action plan. It’s like having a roadmap to follow when I feel like I’m falling back into old behaviors or getting off track. The whole workshop was fantastic, but that one concrete piece will keep me anchored moving forward.” A.F.

Womens Leadership Training

“I really liked that there was a very personal focus to the workshop without it being unprofessional or casual. The facilitator did a wonderful job of making me feel like I could do more than I thought I could. And I’ve been in management for quite a while! It was a refreshing take on some familiar leadership themes as they apply specifically to women. Well worth the investment!” S.B.
PROGRAM LENGTH: Women’s Leadership Training can be delivered in workshops from two hours to two days. Results will range from building awareness to creating behavior change based on your schedule and budget.
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