Why Kelly B. Needs Soft Skills Training

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What is soft skills training? It’s basically making sure your people skills are up to the mark along with your technical skills.

It’s easy to bury your head in an e-book and completely miss the world around you. Thing is, the world and the people in it are the focus of your business or job, so like it or not, you’ve got to deal with both.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially if you’re not exactly a “people person.” Soft skills training can soften the landing into the world of human interaction so that you don’t crash and burn.

That’s where Magnovo’s DiSC personality profile training can help.

Dominant. Influential. Supportive. Conscientious. These are the 4 basic personality types we all have. They’re also the egos we all have to contend with in the workplace.

Understanding them may clear the fog of confusion about how to deal with people. How? By revealing their basic personality traits and what makes them the way they are.

The more things change….

At the core, some things never change. More than a century ago a physicist named Charles Riborg Mann conducted a study on engineering education at Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Amazingly, his findings still ring true today: 85 percent of success in the workplace depends on soft skills; 15 percent depends on hard skills.

Dr. Mann said, “…to the man who would deal successfully with human labor and with business, personality is usually a greater asset than technical knowledge and skill.”

Kelly  B. is a classic Conscientious

Computer analyst Kelly B. is a textbook “C.” Conscientious. Reserved. Highly analytical. Brilliant.  When it comes to communicating, Kelly is a fount of information, but relaxed and relational? Not so much. For her, analyzing data may be easier than analyzing a coworker’s facial expressions and body language. 

Clearly Kelly could use some soft skills training, but more importantly, this employee needs DiSC! Because an employee’s personality will dictate the way they use their soft skills. So the first step for Kelly is to understand her own personality style.

Self-awareness through DiSC personality discovery means you can understand and accept others better when you understand and accept yourself better.

Soft skills training and communicating

We communicate to collaborate. Knowing and understanding the people who help you do your job is as important as your knowledge about how to do your job. How we get to know each other is shaped by our personalities. 

Timid. Shy. Aggressive. Dominating. Your office can feel like a minefield of disparate egos until you learn how to navigate through and work with these different characteristics. DiSC can provide a bridge to relationship building with a challenging coworker or boss. 

For someone like Kelly, DiSC can help her understand why some relationships are so difficult for her. And it can light the way, revealing what she can do to break the ice without breaking her own spirit.

It can help her look at the puzzle pieces of a colleague’s behavior and get a clear picture of why they act the way they do. Her own DiSC personality profile should indicate some areas of professional development she might undertake to bolster her soft skills. The result: she can become a better team player and a more valuable asset to her company.

Magnovo’s DiSC personality discovery training can be a game changer even for the least ambitious worker. It opens doors of insight and understanding of yourself and others. It can be a kind of scaffold for tenuous relationships. It can inspire a seemingly passive person to step out of their shell and shine!

So ironically, for someone like Kelly her soft skills and DiSC training could make her sharper and stronger. That’s a “hard” combination to beat.