Where Would We Be Without Administrative Professionals?

Over my years in leadership and management, I have had the pleasure and honor of having several Administrative Assistants help me to be more effective as a manager and business owner.  As a matter of fact, I will be honest enough to say that without them, I wouldn’t have ever succeeded in business.

startup photosMy skills and qualities center around coming up with ideas and setting structure to how it should be carried out by my employees.  After that, I have relied on my Admins to assist me in follow-up and execution, which are not my strengths.

So with April 25th designated as National Administrative Professionals Day, let me acknowledge their importance and contributions to making any company successful, especially mine.

If you have some amazing administrative personnel on your own team, here are a few brights ideas to show your appreciation:

#1 – Celebrate Their Successes

Little can be achieved without the help of an admin assistant. Now is a great time to recall some of your recent company successes and give credit where credit is due.

Make a public announcement to your company employees. Talk about any professional development your admin team has recently undergone or the role they played in helping your company achieve a goal.

Public appreciation can go a long way in reinforcing morale and commitment.

#2 – Show Your Interest

No one likes to feel like they’re an expendable part of a puzzle. They want to know they’re a vital part of your organization, not just someone who can perform a satisfactory job.

Show them you care about them as a person, not just an employee. Find out what their interests are, whether it’s moving up in the company or learning a new skill. Ask them about the charities or organizations they support, hobbies, or other interests that spark their inspiration.

Taking the time to learn about your admin team can help you understand what makes them tick and how they best learn and communicate. You can use this information for future professional development, conflict resolutions, or ongoing training. In addition, they’ll feel like you truly care about them and not just the job they do, which can boost workplace happiness and job satisfaction.

#3 – Engage Them in a Team Building Activity

There’s never a bad time for team building sessions, but Administrative Professional’s Day is a great time to engage your admin team members to show your appreciation while also benefitting your organization.

For admins, team building is a great way to get them away from their desks and computers and actively involved in the company. Often times your admin team will spend their entire workday on the phone or in front of a computer with little to no knowledge of what else is happening inside the company. Giving them a break for team building can be a much welcome relief for many while also making work feel like anything but.

Your company can benefit from their participation, too. When you have every team member involved in team building activities, you’re creating a stronger workplace culture. They built communication skills and trust with each other and with company leaders. They feel appreciated and valued that you’ve invested in their professional development.

As a benefit, you might enjoy higher employee retention or higher engagement on the job. This a prime opportunity for them to share ideas, voice their opinions, solve problems, or uncover new insights your company can benefit from.

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day!

If you didn’t know that Administrative Professionals Day was a thing, you’re not alone. It’s not a commonly recognized occasion, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important.

Feel free to reach out today to learn how you can create an effective, memorable event your admin team will not just enjoy, but also benefit from for months and years to come.