Wells Fargo Chooses Magnovo’s DiSC Training for their IT Professionals in Charlotte

When Wells Fargo wanted to enhance their IT professionals’ soft skills, they turned to Magnovo for our DiSC Personality Training Workshop

Wells Fargo sent their IT Professionals to us for a round of DiSC Training, and everyone ended up learning a lot about themselves. That’s part of the goal with DiSC Training- and this little group of 17 that gathered in Charlotte last Fall certainly hit all the key points on a high note.

Wells-Fargo-DiSC-Training-Charlotte-North-CarolinaThe participants came from all over the country for the workshop, and ended up learning how essential it is to understand how our personalities affect people around us. This applies to both customers and coworkers.

The particular group from Wells Fargo faced a typical challenge of the IT industry: they interface with a very wide range of departments and therefore come into contact with a very diverse set of personality styles. They need to be good listeners and clear communicators and also to interact professionally in some high pressure situations.

How the Wells Fargo Workshop Went

The workshop focused on understanding the importance of 3 main things:

  1. understanding the strengths and weaknesses of one’s own personality
  2. understanding how to figure out other peoples personalities
  3. understanding that it’s up to us to modify our behavior to be able to work well with others

The group’s first goal was to understand their own personalities. They completed the online DiSC Assessment before coming to the workshop. This assessment helped the participants understand their own personality-based strengths and weakness. This is essential if we want to learn how our personality affects those around us.

Then the group turned this insight outward and learned how to identify what other people’s personalities were. This is important because people want to communicate in a certain way…their own style of communication.

If we don’t know how to identify personality styles, it’s impossible to communicate in the most effective manner.

How We Turned This Into Actionable Results

Wells-Fargo-DiSC-Training-In-Charlotte-North-CarolinaThe third area covered how important it is modify our communication style to fit our audience’s communication style. This is done by understanding the other person’s preferences for how they like to communicate and modify how we share information to this preferred style. This shows that we value the other person and guarantees that we are more likely to gain their buy-in.

All in all it went over really well and this little group from Wells Fargo was able to go home with some valuable insights that would help them do their jobs in the future.