W. L. Gore & Associates Makes Mobility Possible for Locals in Need with WheelCharity

Two of W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.’s highly competitive sales teams pushed each other to succeed in this charity team building workshop hosted by a global manufacturing company.

Gore and AssociatesNewark, DE Teams Play Hard for WheelCharity™

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. invited its sales team and managers from the company’s Asia Pacific office to join their local counterparts for a WheelCharity™ workshop in Delaware. There were about 20 people in attendance. Because the event had been arranged based on the recommendation of a previous charity team building workshop participant we worked with, the pressure was on!

The conference space at the Hilton Wilmington Christiana was spacious, and groups had plenty of room to work. The company organizers’ goal was to build camaraderie among the American and Asia Pacific teams, and so we customized the workshop to their needs.

Expanding Our Reach with W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

This WheelCharity™ program was unique in that the wheelchairs built by the group were going to two charities; normally, our programs benefit a single charity at a time. W. L. Gore asked that we work with Bayside Community Network and another local nonprofit that assisted folks with mobility issues.

After we divided the group into two teams, we kicked off a series of games that allowed them to earn the parts necessary for assembling wheelchairs. Everyone had a lot of fun playing Do What I Say, Air Counting, Flip Cup, Bank It, and Group Writing. Following that, teams were challenged to put their wheelchairs together. Teams then put together a quick obstacle course and challenged each other one last time, using the wheelchairs. This event in particular drove home for folks just how important access to wheelchairs is. In fact, all of the activities people enjoyed so much were designed by professionals in the field to strengthen interpersonal skills and instill new workplace skills for long-term positive change.

Making a Difference for Local Charities Like Bayside Community Network

From the beginning to the end of the workshop, this was one of the most competitive groups we have ever worked with. Teams “kept score” and measured their progress against the other team after every activity.

The presentation of the wheelchairs to the pre-selected charities went very well. Both of the invited representatives arrived in time to accept the donated wheelchairs and also mingle with participants, which thrilled everyone in the room. Our guests made a few remarks to the group and explained just how the wheelchairs would benefit their clients. Knowing how much their hard work would help others in need was a powerful motivator for the W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. team.