University of Michigan Team Building Day a Success in Ann Arbor, MI 

Leaders from the University of Michigan’s Pharmacy Program used a team building day to learn more about themselves while also learning more about their team members.

Building a Culture of Personality

University of MichiganCulture is an important aspect of any university program, and it was clear from the start that cultivating a stronger university culture was a top priority for this group of pharmacy program leaders. The team of 37 participants was eager to learn how the DiSC Personality Discovery could make them better leaders so they could create future ones.

We opened our event with an overview of DiSC Personality Discovery. The first goal was to learn about their own selves, after which they could use these newfound discoveries to learn about their team members. Each participant took the initial assessment to define their DiSC personality type. During the

During the workshop, we explained what their results meant and how they could harness the information to minimize workplace conflict and maximize their strengths. Through understanding personality traits, they are better able to promote their culture more effectively and further their pharmacy program.

University of Michigan Leaders Overcome Unexpected Challenges

We had less than two days to plan the event, but we were commended on how quickly we were able to pull everything together.

Just prior to the event, the team had enjoyed a ropes course and zipline adventure, so they entered the event with high energy that refused to wane during the presentation. Even though a projector failure interrupted our event, the team didn’t lose focus.

These unexpected challenges revealed the existing strength of this group, and the results of the personality discovery will go far in continuing their desire to improve.

Looking Forward to the Future

We closed the discussion with a recap of the event, encouraging participants to share their main takeaways. After discovering previously unrecognized opportunities, the pharmacy leaders felt confident that they had plenty to work with to further strengthen their all-star team.

As a result, this team wants to continue their investment with the Campfire Leadership program that will help them discover their leadership style and learn how to improve it. This passionate group uncovered crucial information about their team members, but equally important are the things they learned about themselves. Together, the information taken away will help to continue the mission of the University of Michigan’s pharmacy program to benefit current and future students.