Personality Style Training in Miami Florida

Rob Jackson, President of Magnovo Training Group, was privileged to be part of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ annual shore excursion managers conference with 40 ships from all around the world including Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. This conference brought managers to Miami for training about the importance of understanding personality styles and how to identify other people’s personalities. The end result is that individuals work together to get the best out of each team member.

In breakouts with small groups we discussed what it looks like to be a good manager. The conclusion from the discussion was that depending on your personality style is, your perspective of what it takes to be a good manager will differ.

We all have different visions of what it takes to be a good leader.

In this workshop, we walk through each personality type step-by-step: If you have an Analytical type personality, a great manager is one who is very organized and meticulous. If you’re a Driver type personality, you think someone who is strong and gives you their opinion, someone who is powerful in their presentations, is a good manager. If you’re Amiable, you think a good manager is someone who is good at connecting and making sure the needs are met at a social as well as intellectual level. If you’re an Expressive it’s all about the glitz, the glamour, the shine, so if someone can speak well and looks good, then they’re a good manager.

The reality is that it’s all of these personality traits together that make a good manager and that’s what Campfire Leadership is all about. You need to look the part, act the part, speak the part – it’s the combination of all of these styles that makes a leader effective. In the Miami workshop we discussed 1) what does it mean to hit sales goals, and 2) how does our personality style either help or hinder our ability to manage the group towards hitting sales goals. If we treat people the way we want to be treated then we’re not going to be as effective as if we teach and manage according to their personality style. Focusing on others’ needs – that’s the key to good leadership and sales.

Real-World Application

These shore excursion managers have a specific challenge because they not only have sales goals but they also have to manage the excursions, and they are very hands-on. One example is 4,000 guests who came off the ship in Asia and went to 280 different buses! With that kind of chaos you have to be a clear and concise communicator. Another example is in Nassau where there are 80 different excursions to choose from with just a handful of staff to manage that process. These are extremely challenging roles where the importance of understanding personality styles helps with the team relationships as well as with relating to the guests.

One highlight of the workshop series was when Rob Jackson was asked to join the group in a competitive bowling match. We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients, not just dropping a workshop and running to the next location. Being invited to after-hours events is one of the greatest compliments a facilitator can receive, an indicator that a sincere connection has been made. And for those who are wondering yes, Rob was on the winning bowling team!

Some quotable quotes:

“Magnovo has successfully conducted relational sale classes onboard the Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest. We have seen an increase in revenue due to crew members applying their newly learned skills during the selling process.” ~RCCL Executive

“As a Ship Captain who’s worked for a few Cruise Lines, I have had the pleasure of having Rob Jackson and Magnovo onboard to do training with our Officers and Crew. Not only have I received lots of positive feedback from the onboard team, I have also witnessed first hand how various Team members have excelled and grown in their positions as a direct result of the Leadership – and Public Speaking Training received from Rob and Magnovo. The end result has been new developed leaders and increased revenue for the company.” ~Ship Captain