Two Things to Help You Reach Your Goals for the Rest of the Year

How are your New Year’s resolutions going so far? Have you hit any major milestones yet?

If not, don’t worry. We’re only in March, so there’s still time to reach your year-end goals. But I wanted to share two catalysts that have helped me achieve my goals year-round so you can put them to work, too:

Recognizing the Total Result and Committing to Growth.

pexels photo 845451What Do You Want to Achieve and Why?

Anyone can set a goal because they desire the potential gains. But keep in mind the end result often affects other areas.

For example, my goal for myself this year are to become a better leader, period.  But it’s not just about being a better leader for my own sake. If I become a better leader, I’ll also become better at wanting what’s best for each of my individual team members.

But what’s ultimately going to drive that goal is the why behind it, as well as the other benefits that come from being a better leader.

For example, an effect of this could be happier team members that are committed to the company. It could result in creating better workplace culture or even attracting better-qualified job candidates.

There’s a whole list of benefits that are made possible simply by me becoming a better leader. And it’s absolutely worthwhile to discover what those benefits are.

Committing to Growth

To get to that point takes a total commitment to growth on my part. It’s not enough to simply want to grow, but rather taking the right actions to get there. Understanding the full weight of that desire can help you maintain your momentum.

In my case, I often ask myself what else I could be doing to become a better leader. As a trainer, I’m constantly practicing my own methods of leadership development. But I don’t let it stop there because if I do, I’m limiting my ability to lead based on my existing knowledge.

Instead, I commit to a growth mindset. I rely on the expertise of others. I look for new ways to help my team. I ask for daily feedback to find where we can make improvements together. I remind myself that there’s always an opportunity to make things better.

To grow and improve, you have to invite it. But once you position yourself for growth, there’s nowhere to go but up.

How to Make Your Goals a Reality

One way to leverage both of these catalysts is by hosting a team building event in the first quarter or half of the year. Magnovo’s Bike-A-ThonTM Bicycle Team Building Event, Wheelcharity Wheelchair Team Building, Mission: Military Care, Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop, and many others are great ideas to help you create better leaders from within while also impacting other areas of your company.

The total result isn’t just about participating in an activity together. It’s also building trust, communication, and value among team members that make the entire group feel integrated with your company and each other.

A single team building exercise, be it an activity to benefit a local charity or hosting a full day of games and challenges, could resonate in areas of your organization you haven’t considered. Your team may feel more energized to come to work. They may stay with the company longer. They might feel more at home in their role or inspired to generate new ideas. The possibilities are seemingly infinite.

Feel free to drop us a line, or call me on my cell phone at 317-413-6024 to see how Magnovo team building can impact your total end result and commitment to growth, no matter what your goals are.